The First Trip Abroad

Man, what an adventure I have experienced this past semester. London Honors was an experience quite unlike any other that I had ever heard of coming into college. Not only was the class entertaining and something to look forward to every Monday evening, but it was also a chance to study abroad in my very first semester of college, and it was really amazing.

London Honors really got me inducted into the life of a college student. The course work was not too intense and the professors and guest speakers were all very friendly and easy to talk to. This made it a little easier to go into office hours for other classes and talk to other professors. The discussion questions that we received from the various speakers we had also helped me to ask questions in other classes. It also enabled me to better speak in a group, since we went over the questions as a class in recitation.

London Honors was also a great first experience in the education abroad programs at Ohio State. I knew when I started searching for colleges that the only thing that I was certain of was studying abroad. No matter my major, or career of interest, I wanted to travel, to see the world and immerse myself in different cultures while I had easy access to it. We had speakers from the OIA department come in and just talk about travel abroad as a whole and I was able to gain great information on searching for different classes that I could take that may even pertain to my major!

As a person, London Honors helped me build some social skills that I desperately needed. We met every week not just in a lecture hall, but also in a recitation room where we were able to talk and get to know some of our peers that we would be traveling with. Even in while we were in London, this helped me. I was easily able to talk to some people that I did not know and even formed a group that I went out and did things with regularly. This benefited not only my experience in the class, but my college life as a whole.

London Honors was an amazing class that gave me so many skills for both college and life. I will never forget the experiences that I shared with both the faculty and my newfound friends.

Reflection on the G.O.A.L.S.

Global Awareness–There are many opportunities and classes that I could take here at the university, but I only really have one bit in mind. That bit is studying abroad. Not only do I love the idea of traveling and seeing the world, but this would also provide me with a better sense of many cultures and historical aspects of many different places. My first step in this has been to take London Honors, a class where we learn a bit about London, then go there at the end of the semester to visit historical places and involve ourselves in a bit of the culture.

Original Inquiry–Most likely, my inquiry will be in the field of research here at the university. Some steps I need to take are to subscribe to emails from the research center here so I can be updated about many different research opportunities. Another way I can get involved is to first do a bit of personal research online to find a topic and take it to Dr Terndrup after I have completed some astronomy courses and he would get me set up to research that topic more in depth.

Academic Enrichment–Of course, as an honors student, I will be pushing myself to take harder classes and fill up my course load. Otherwise, I want to take classes on topics that I may not be the best at, such as writing which is a very important part of astronomy. So, I have looked up several writing courses that will help me improve and I will be taking them in the coming semesters.

Leadership Development–In all honesty, I do not know what my leadership will be. I very much enjoy volunteering and tutoring, so I have been looking into maybe being a tutor for subjects in which I excel. I am also looking into becoming an IA for an astronomy class during the next semester, which will help me in academics, but also give me experience in an instructional setting.

Service Engagement–I would like to explore opportunities in tutoring, as I mentioned in the previous statement. Tutoring is one thing that I genuinely enjoyed doing in high school, and I would enjoy being able to do it again in college. I just always loved seeing people light up when they would finally understand something, or raise their grades on tests or quizzes.

Change Brought by College

My first few months at Ohio State were a bit of a struggle. I had much more to do than in high school, and the classes were much more challenging. Being here and being on my own, though, taught me to manage these responsibilities that I had set in front of me.

In high school, I did not have to study much for any of my classes. This is because they were structured so that the homework was basically “studying.” Coming to college was a bit of a shock to me for this reason because I had no real study skills for my classes which I very much needed.

So, after my first couple of quizzes in Calculus II, I knew something had to change. I started making note cards for formulas and equations that I would have to remember and looking at them almost daily. I started doing extra problems from my textbooks and going over my notes more frequently than I had before.

These habits helped me to improve my grades in my classes and on tests, and my total grades started to improve as well. I still have a way to go, though.

I need to manage my time better, between free time and studying so I can also get a good amount of sleep at night and be more alert in class. I also want to join a couple more clubs than I am in right now (only in one at the moment). That will come after I am even better at managing my time, though, since I still have a long way to go.

Year in Review

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About Me

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