Vanessa is featured in a video about IDI’s work on SARS-CoV-2

OSU’s Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI) was featured in a film at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting for its collaborative and interdisciplinary work on SARS-CoV-2. This film features Dr. Mike Oglesbee, director of the IDI, Dr. Linda Saif, Dr. Gene Oltz, Dr. Joe Tien, and Dr. Vanessa Hale.

Manuscript Accepted: Unique maternal immune and functional microbial profiles during prenatal stress

Coming to a Scientific Reports near you….

Divergent immune and microbial metagenome profiles of stressed gestating mice may trigger detrimental inflammatory signaling at the maternal-fetal interface. These changes may be linked to aberrant neurodevelopment of the fetus.

Well done, team!

The team:  Adrienne M. Antonson, Morgan V. Evans, Jeffrey D. Galley, Helen J. Chen, Therese A. Rajasekera, Sydney M. Lammers, Vanessa L. Hale, Michael T. Bailey, Tamar L. Gur

David presents at virtual AZA and AAZV Conferences

David Minich, fourth year veterinary student, presents his research on necrotizing enteritis in lorikeets at the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Virtual Annual Conference and the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians Conference.  Way to go David!

Congratulations to Dr. Chris Madden, 2 time MVPoop Winner!

Dr. Chris Madden received the 2020 MVPoop award. The award was given by David Minich (the 2019 MVPoop winner).  David said of Dr. Madden, “He was a tremendous help organizing the samples and extracting most of the swabs before I arrived last summer, he helped me a ton with QIIME, spent a ton of time troubleshooting and teaching me PCR techniques as we attempted to identify the C. perfringens, and overall has done a ton of work for the lab organizing the sequencing data for both Columbus Zoo and the Denver Zoo.”  Congratulations and thank you for all of hard work and team work Dr. Madden!