MVPoop Award

The MVPoop award is given out annually to the Hale Lab’s “Most Valuable Player” – as defined by the giver. We recognize individuals for great science, creativity, personal and professional wins, and for excellent team work. All past and current winners have represented each of these positive attributes and many many more. Thanks Hale labbies. You are truly the best!

How the award works: The award – a one-of-a-kind MVPoop mug – is presented to one person each year at the annual summer celebration. The winner keeps the mug for one year. Then, she/he selects an individual to receive this award the following year.

Past Winners

2023 – Tessa Cannon Wilde – awarded by Angela Scott

For huge personal and professional achievements over the past year.

2022 – Angela Scott – awarded by Vanessa Hale

For stepping up as a wonderful lab manager and for excellence in science and laboratory experiments.

2021 – Ryan Mrofchak – awarded by Chris Madden

For hard work and dedication to urine microbiome research, managing the Canine Urine Project and successfully defending his masters thesis.

2020 – Dr. Chris Madden – awarded by David Minich

For excellent teaching, mentoring and laboratory help.

2019 – David J. Minich – awarded by Dr. Chris Madden

For motivation and dedication to learning everything there is to know about the gut microbiome.

2018 – Dr. Christopher Madden – awarded by Dr. Vanessa Hale

For helping build the lab from the ground up!