Tessa Wins wins first place at the Klein Memorial Nutrition Symposium!

Tessa was awarded in the “Molecular and Basic” research category for her presentation titled, “Gut microbiota shaped by diet and phylogeny in seven cercopithecids from Tai Forest, Ivory Coast.”

Congratulations Tessa!


Photo by Claire Witham.

Tessa and Rajni win IDI Trainee Transformative Grant!

Tessa Cannon, PhD student in Anthropology co-advised by Drs. Scott McGraw and Vanessa Hale, and Dr. Rajni Shukla, postdoc with Dr. Amit Sharma, won an IDI Trainee Transformative Grant titled: Developing Robust Methods for Noninvasive SIV Detection. Congrats Tessa and Rajni!

Microbiome Mini Symposium

Click here to check out a recording of the recent Microbiome Mini Symposium presented as part of the National Veterinary Summer Scholars programming.

Speakers featured during this Symposium:

Dr. Jenessa Winston, Ohio State University – Introduction to Microbiome Medicine

Dr. Craig Franklin, University of Missouri – Does my lab mouse’s microbiome matter? (26:50)

Dr. Linda Mansfield, Michigan State University – Can we engineer the gut microbiome to prevent asthma? (44:50)

Dr. Vanessa Hale, Ohio State University – Lorikeet Magic: Lorikeet enteritis and the microbiome (1:15:14) with an intro by Andrew McGlynn!