A Brazilian Adventure

Drs. Barbara Piperata (OSU – Anthropology), Jiyoung Lee (OSU – Environmental Health Sciences & Food Sciences and Technology), and Vanessa Hale visited Sao Paulo and Belém, Brazil in preparation for launching a National Science Foundation project (PI: Barbara Piperata) focused on exploring how culture and environment shape infant gut microbiome development and health.

From left to right: Dr. Chris Hoffman (Univ. of Sao Paulo – Experimental Food and Nutrition), Dr. Jiyoung Lee, Dr. Vanessa Hale, Dr. Barabara Piperata, Dr. Rui Murrieta (Univ. of Sao Paulo – Anthropology)

Dr. Jiyoung Lee demonstrates water filtration to postdoc Dani Riberio (Federal University of Pará).

A visit to the Guama Health Post in Belém as a potential study participant recruitment site. Back – left to right: Administrator of the Health Post, Dr. Hilton Pereira da Silva (Federal University of Pará – Anthropology & Public Health), Dr. Pedro da Gloria (Federal University of Pará – Anthropology). Front left to right: Anna Paula (Director of Clinical Rotations at Health Post), Dr. Vanessa Hale, Dr. Jiyoung Lee, Dr. Barbara Piperata, Dani Riberio, Dr. Luciano Montag (Federal University of Pará – Aquatic Ecology).

We “mango” Belém!