Manuscript Accepted: SIBO, the small intestinal microbiome, and diet

Great work to everyone involved in this study!

G.B. Saffouri, R. Shields-Cutler, J. Chen, Y. Yang, H.R. Lekatz, V.L. Hale, J.M. Cho, E.J. Battaglioli, Y. Bhattarai, K.J. Thompson, K.K. Kalari, G. Behera, J.C. Berry, S.A. Peters, R. Patel, A.N. Schuetz, J.J. Faith, M. Camilleri, J.L. Sonnenburg, G. Farrugia, J.R. Swann, M. Grover, D. Knights, P.C. Kashyap. 2019. Small intestinal microbial composition is more relevant than quantitative small intestinal culture in patients with gastrointestinal symptoms. Nature Communications. Accepted. Link. PDF.