David and Chris present at Virtual Denver Zoo Meeting

David Minich and Dr. Chris Madden presented findings from their work on lorikeet enteritis at a Denver Zoo Bird Curator and Veterinary Staff meeting.

Great presentation and great questions all around!

To watch a recording of this presentation, click here.


eSCOUT Team receives funding for COVID-19 Environmental Surveillance

eSCOUT Proposal receives funding from the Infectious Diseases Institute and the Center of Microbiome Science

Congratulations to the team:
Vanessa Hale, Seth Faith, Mark Flint, Jaylene Flint, Thomas Wittum, Andy Bowman, Jacqueline Nolting, Jenessa Winston, Dubraska Diaz-Campos, Risa Pesapane, Page Yaxley, Alexis McLaine, Linda Saif, Scott Kenney, Matthew Anderson, Laura Kubatko, Matt Sullivan, Ryan Winston, Karen Dannemiller, Jiyoung Lee, Mark H. Weir, Randall Junge, Jan Ramer, Dusty Lombardi, Blake Stamps, Michael Goodson, Zach Smith, Cas Smith

For more information about eSCOUT, click here.

Welcome Kilmer Soares!

Kilmer joins the Hale Lab as a visiting PhD student from Federal University of Paraiba. His research is focused on characterizing the gut microbiome of native Brazilian bee species as well as the effects of antimicrobials on bee gut microbial ecology. We’re so happy to have Kilmer with us this year!

Mellipona scultellaris