Welcome Zach Lewis!

Welcome to our newest grad student, Zach Lewis, graduate of Carlton College with a major in biology and a minor in biochemistry. We’re so excited to have you with us! Here’s to great things as you begin exploring the world of tiny microbes that impact so much of life and health!

Ryan and Vanessa travel to D.C. for ASM Microbe

Ryan presented his Masters research on the urine and fecal microbiota of dogs with and without bladder cancer. It was his first in-person poster session and he did a FANTASTIC job and got lots of poster visitors!


Vanessa Hale and Jenessa Winston co-hosted an In-Depth Symposia on translational medicine and the microbiome. Feature speakers (left to right): Sonsiray Alvarez Narvaez, Jan Suchodolski, Aida Vientos-Plotts, Emily Coffey, Jenessa Winston, Azam Ali Sher (who stepped in to share Linda Mansfield’s work), Vanessa Hale


And, we all managed to have a little fun exploring!

Night Bike Tour of the Monuments. Ohio at the WWII Memorial.

Jordan Wins Big at State Science Fair!

Remember Jordan? (High school senior and soon-to-be Buckeye!)

He just won FIRST PLACE for the Animal Sciences/Veterinary Medicine Award at the State Science Fair! He also won FIRST PLACE for the Osmon Ramsey Environmental & Natural Science Award – sponsored by the Ohio Academy of Science,  and he won FIRST PLACE for the Veterinary Medicine Award, sponsored by the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association Auxiliary.  These awards were for his research on the canine gut microbiome and how it varies by breed, age, and sex. WAY TO GO Jordan!

Purdue Microbiome Symposium Adventures

Andrew McGlynn and Rushil Madan presented posters at the Purdue Microbiome Symposium.

Exploring Purdue’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

Left: Yijing Liu, Center: Andrew McGlynn, Right: Rushil Madan

Next year’s Microbiome Symposium will be in OHIO! (May 8-10, 2023) Stay tuned…

Top Left to Right: Andrew, Jiarong, Vanessa, Mohamed

Bottom Left to Right: Yijing, Rushil