On the high level, this conference aims to bring together researchers from analysis with overlap in the study of dimension and geometry of fractal sets in order to exchange ideas and foster collaboration.

In recent years harmonic analysis has availed as a promising tools for analyzing the geometry of fractal sets. ¬†One of the first application of the Fourier transforms to fractal geometry was Kaufman’s [1968] proof of one direction of Marstrand’s classical projection theorem. Since, there has been substantial progress on understanding the dimension and geometry of fractal sets using Harmonic analysis, and the arising problems have attracted people from diverse fields of mathematics. This conference aims to bring together experts in the field and curious minds to find new interactions and synergies between existing methods and problems and to formulate new approaches.

keywords: Harmonic analysis, fractals, geometric measure theory, Fourier transform, thin sets, projections, distance sets, difference sets, ergodic theory, combinatorics, number theory, measure theory, dynamical systems