With over 250 scholars researching water resource issues at OSU, including several of our Middle East faculty, OSU has the potential to produce knowledge which could make an impact on various local water issues around the world.  The cross-sections of social justice movements, environmental activism and water resource management issues make this a particularly salient topic for the Middle East. MESC and our partners, the Middle East Studies Library, the Mershon Center for International Security Studies, and the Office of Research of the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, therefore made it a priority to facilitate cross-disciplinary research connections at OSU on this topic.  The following readings are recommended resources we have collecting during our water forums. Please also refer to our Libguides for additional readings and instructional resources related to water management resources and climate change.

Global Investigations Online Bibliography 

History and Current Affairs 
Klare, Michael. Resource Wars: The New Landscape of Global Conflict
McGinnies and Goldman, editors. Arid Lands in Perspective
Tarlock, Dan. Law of water rights and resources
Pearce, Fred. When the Rivers Run Dry: Water–The Defining Crisis of the Twenty-first Century
Homer-Dixon,Thomas. Environment, Scarcity, and Violence

Water Resource Management 
Cech, Thomas V. Principles of Water Resources
Clarke,Keith. Getting Started with Geographic Information Systems
Digital Chart of the World Data Dictionary
Dingman, S. Lawrence. Physical Hydrology
ESRI, Getting to Know Arcview GISs
Grigg, Neil S. Water Resource Planning
Maidment, David. ArcHydro, GIS for Water Resources ESRI,
Watson, Ian, and Alister Burnett. Hydrology, an Environmental Approach

Water Supply  – Bibliography

Effect of Climatic Change on Water  – Bibliography

Regional Investigations

Middle East Region – Online Bibliography 
Biswas, Asit, editor. Water Management for Arid Lands in Developing Countries
Gischler, Christiaan. Water Resources in the Arab Middle East and North Africa
McClimans, Melinda, editor. “Euphrates-Tigris Water Issues
Naff, Thomas and Ruth Matson. Water in the Middle East: Conflict or Cooperation?
Soffer, Arnon.  Rivers of Fire: The Conflict Over Water in the Middle East

North America
Grace, Stephen. Dam Nation: How water shaped the West and will determine its future


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