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We would like to introduce you to our project on global water contexts. As a Middle East Studies Center, our goal is to bring contextual knowledge of our region to these discussions, and develop a framework for integrating other world regions into a global picture of water resource issues. We have been exploring water resource management in the context of the Middle East, and will expand to a global scope in our research forum on February 8th, 2019. It would be great if you could join us, either at the forum or for upcoming activities we conduct as part of our outreach program
We at the Middle East Studies Center believe the Middle East and other world regions hold unique keys for addressing the global water crisis.  Our goal to contextualize academic research in the local circumstances of the Middle East, and we invite experts of other world regions to collaborate on culturally relevant activities.  The Middle East Studies Center produced an e-book based on the workshop we hosted in 2016 which captured the key take-aways regarding water resource management issues and transboundary cooperation in the Euphrates Tigris region.
The Middle East Studies Center will continue to facilitate collaboration, capture key take-aways, and support faculty efforts to secure funding and other forms of support. We invite you to join in these efforts as we integrate multiple perspectives into our activities. The purpose of these activities is to identify potential synergies and shared interests among social and cultural researchers and STEM researchers and put them into action.
Best wishes,

Alam Payind, Director
Melinda McClimans, Assistant Director

The Ohio State University
International Affairs, Middle East Studies Center

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