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ENR Ted Talk: Relation to Business and Sustainable Design

                All around there are ways for people to aid in sustainability. Within their daily activities and even there career. As a business student the main goals is successful in your company to thrive, yet as stated in the TED talks “profit isn’t everything”. Within your business one can do much more for others and the world around them. The Ted Talks all begin with the basics of a business and personal experiences they had and what they did and are doing to improve the environment all around. As stated in one of the Ted Talks there are simple acts all can perform to help. One must not think solely on what the company sole purposes of a job but what they can do to change lives. That no one should be a innocent bystander but to take action. That goals should be set to be competitive, consistent, profitable, and overall responsible within the growth.  From these videos I learned that there is an overall larger picture. That no matter what one makes an impact, a footprint on our earth. Our goal is to be reasonable and aware of what we do. That our production within any business has an input and output that produce a good/service but also a side product, that not all think off but is there such as waste that can harm people around us. Environmental impact comes from everyone. Time and effort is what it takes to change the world around us. Aiding within the company you work for or own is a large step. Changing your overall goals to not that I’m here to sell this item but I’m here to change lives in any little way by helping our world all around. To keep the environment safe for us now and the future well being of all people around us.

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