Shadowing: David Sturgeon

            Deciding on a career choice is more than it seems to the eye. It is easy to say I want to be a doctor or a painter, but there is much more to it. Behind every career is the schooling needed for the profession, hours devoted for recommendations and experience, and the overall lessons that come from each day with ones experiences whether positive or negative. The events in your life make you who you are and shape your view on the world and your placement in it. Experiences bring moments that dictate what we like and dislike that correlate over to our moments when growing up to decide where do we want to be down the road; whether it be five years, ten years, or even thirty years. This holds true to all, given those experiences that I have had I for the longest time wished to be a vet working close up with many animals from a cat to horses. Yet working in a vet clinic showed me my heart didn’t lie there. It was experiences in junior and senior year in my AP classes of calculus, chemistry, and biology that showed me I wanted to be within the medical field. I enjoyed breaking apart structures and the formulas to make them complete and how they would effect and organism. Those learning moments gave me sights to pursue medical research.

Going through with my goals in the medical field The Ohio State University has opened up many opportunities even as a first year student. Ironically my aunt use to work at the medical center of OSU and her husband (my uncle) is also within the medical field. I simply asked if I be able to follow them for a day to see within the world of medicine. I followed for the day seeing entirely what my uncle does. The overall day consists of phone calls and business workings throughout hospitals. I was curious on his days and if they were consistently easy in the fact of keeping organization for the hospital. Yet I was enlightened. He explained that every day is something new. Days can range from boring desk work to last minute emergency calls. He elaborated there have been times of just ease just driving around to attend necessary business with partners or being called in for aid in the hospital itself. My uncles job is not entirely what I originally thought it was let alone along the lines of what I wanted to do in my perception but as the day went on I had my eyes open to much more. Overall the experience I had in own day made me consider a lot about my field of choice and that it isn’t just one specific job. There is a lot that can occur especially in hospitals. Yet the experience and stories made me want to delve in more to the life of a medical personnel.

Even with specific qualities learned and professionalized in one has more than just a single job. My uncle goes through his day working on business and numbers to calls into the hospital. It is something that overall keeps him on his toes but allows him to also enjoy much of the little things in his life. From the eye opening experience of just a day I know that my choice of career is very unpredictable when it comes to the work day but that is what excites me to proceed on. As just starting college I do have some time till I have to be in an exam room but there are steps I can begin now to my future. The major I have chosen starts my first steps. The next step, especially emphasized by my Uncle is research and volunteering in labs. Gaining the experiences gives you experience and ready for when you do set out into the world to have references and an idea on how the work flow goes in the office/lab/hospital. As the four years consist on it is important to enjoy them and thrive. Exceed and work hard are the two biggest motivators because undergraduate is just the beginning. Graduate school is the next step in my course and working in residency of with higher ranked professors or researchers to become known and knowledgeable in areas. The goal is to be well rounded yet specialized. School is to specialize in a set skill and everything else I do to lead to my dream is what sculpts the person I will be and skills I can apply with my specialization in research.

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