Year in Review

Looking back over the past year, I feel like I have finally found where I’m meant to be at Ohio State and what I want to pursue once I’ve graduated. After doing translating over the summer at Children’s Hospital, I knew I wanted to work with people and use my Spanish to help bridge the linguistic gaps between recent Latin American immigrants and the services they need. Fall semester of 2017 I declared my Spanish major with a focus in Latin American Studies. I felt pretty good about this decision, but wanted to accompany my studies with a major that would keep me reading and writing about important topics while engaging me politically. For this reason, I decided to also declare a major in Comparative Studies with a focus in Cultural Studies. Today, April 6th, I participated in the Undergraduate Colloquium for Comparative Studies with an extensively researched paper on Globalization and Food in Latin America. This has been great for me, because it has been easy to see where my two majors intersect with one another and how I can make that possible for myself in the future. Overall I’m very happy with my progress up to this point and feel that I have accomplished many things that I was uncertain about in my freshman year.