Nathan Gutarts-About Me

My name is Nathan Gutarts, I’m a freshman at The Ohio State University. I’m from a suburb in the Cleveland area called Solon. I have been a huge OSU fan my whole life due to both my parents attending the University for undergrad and graduate school. Scarlet and gray has run through my veins since my dad started taking me to games when I was a kid. After I graduate I’m looking to go into dentistry. I decided to join Health Science Scholars because I’m interested in the medical/ dental field. I have always been interested in surgery and health because it is intriguing, and I like to work with my hands. Also, my aunt is a general dentist and my dad is an endodontist. Seeing them do their job is very fascinating, and I have shadowed a few other dentists as well. I am so excited for this year and to see what OSU has to offer. I will be majoring in Human Nutrition at the college of Education and Human Ecology, and think this major paired with HSS will be great aids to help me succeed these upcoming few years.

Year in Review

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Nathan Gutarts
120 W11th Ave. 216-288-4495
Columbus, Ohio 43210

Solon High School                                       The Ohio State University
Solon, Ohio 44139                                        33600 Inwood Road Columbus, Ohio 43210
Graduation: May, 2017 (Honor Roll)      Candidate for Graduation: 2020 (Candidate for early graduation)
Major: Human Nutrition (BS)


OSU Provost Scholarship February 2017-present

OSU Alumni Club of Greater Cleveland Scholarship Recipient February 2017-present
– Selective process of interview and applications for a OSU
scholarship award


Pre-Dental Ambassadors Club November 2017-present
– Enlightening students about the benefits of the dental field

ASDA member October 2017-present
– American Student Dental Association

Universal Health Aid Columbus September 2017-present
– Community outreach specialist, providing education, free
screenings, and preventive medicine

Pre-Dental club September 2017-present
– Organization that is informing to prepare students for
graduate dental school

Sinai Scholars September 2017-present
– Jewish culture life class at Chabad House
Health Science Scholars August 2017-present
– Volunteering and learning more about preparing myself for a
future medical profession

Weekly Volunteer at Chabad House September 2017-present
– Catering to whatever Chabad’s needs such as setting up for
dinners, organizing, or computer aid



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