Organic Chemistry

Taking Organic Chemistry was definitely the hardest class I have ever taken. In high school, I often study right before test and I would no problem in passing my class. However, I could not do that in Organic chemistry as I quickly found that out. Although organic chemistry is hard, I can say I have learned a lot from the class and I feel really accomplished in the end.


Chinese Lantern Festival

I had a wonderful experience taking part of an ECP wide event at the Chinese Lantern Festival. It was my first Lantern Festival and I saw amazing light structures that range from traditional dragons to Nemo. I also enjoyed very much in learning the tradition of the light festival and the meticulous work that lantern masters put into their work.

Boys and Girls Club

Through the Access to Education program, I was able to find a great volunteering experience at the Boys and Girls Club. I volunteer at this site for about a 1-2 hour almost every week. During my volunteering, I would help kids on their homework, play with them or have dinner with them. One of my most memorable experience was when the kids come up to me and hug me. It is just very refreshing to receive that spontaneous affection from them. From these kids, I learn a little by little more about Columbus. There are so many sides of Columbus that campus life just does not reflect it. I am glad I learned more from these kids. Because one of the most heartbreaking memory I have during this volunteering experience was one of the kids ask a cop about his father who is in jail. It must be difficult on that kid yet he takes life with strides. These little moments are things I will never learn in the classroom and I am glad I get to know life better.

Gilman Scholarship Award

Words cannot expressed how thankful I am to receive this award. I applied spontaneously days before the deadline in October with thoughts that I probably won’t get this scholarship and my dream of going to Korea will probably never come true. To my amazement, I got this email notification from the Gilman Scholars program. I am happy to announce that I will be studying abroad in Korea during the summer of 2017. Studying in Korea will offer me plenty of opportunities for me to improve my language skills as I want to later serve in an Asian community after becoming a physician. Also, I want to further develop my social circle with people who are love everything Korean, ranging from TV shows to skin care! From time to time, I get frustrated and lonely for not having more people in my life who see the same passion. In Korea, I will be taking 2 classes with one Korean language and the other GE class. The trip also consists of excursions to Busan and other places in Korea!Gilman Scholarship Letter-1gkm9rm

Politics of Developing World

Taking Politics of Developing World has been one of the most enjoyable thing I have done in my first semester of freshmen year. Professor Kurtz has truly challenged everyone in my class to think beyond the surface. Going from the ISI growth model in Latin America to the export-led growth model in South Korea, I learned a lot about how different factors in history affected the current conditions in these countries. Making the right economic decision is not the only factor towards prosperity because political freedom or constraints also make a tremendous condition. So for anyone who wants to take a political science class, take 3220 Politics of Developing World.


Chinese New Year Celebration/Diwali

As a member of Asian Business Student Association, I have really enjoyed participating in many events that ABSA has coordinated. Diwali and the Chinese New Year Celebration have truly let me experience Asian culture to another new level. During the Diwali event, I got my very first henna on my hand and I fell in love with all the lovely designs! Meanwhile, the Chinese New Year Celebration pulled me closer to my Chinese culture and gave me my very first lion dance. I had never seen a lion dance or wushu so it was an eye-opening experience. Thank you so much ABSA!henna

Japanese Spring Festival

I am really thankful for the Japanese Student Association for planning this incredible event. As an Asian fanatic, it was really heartwarming and enlightening to be part of this experience. The Japanese Spring Festival truly illustrated the beauty of Japanese culture with performances such the traditional fish dance, modern pop dance, and J pop singing. Meanwhile, there were many activity booths that further accentuate the Japanese cultures. My personal favorite activities were the Kimono photo shoot, tea ceremony,and calligraphy. It was the first time in my life that I got to wear a kimono, so it was a dream come true because I have always wanted to try on traditional Asian costumes. Moreover, I had a fantastic time practicing calligraphy and messing up characters! As for the tea ceremony, I really enjoyed this graceful and delicate presentation because it was relaxing and calming.

Year in Review

I can’t believe I am halfway through my undergrad careear! It feels like it was just yesterday when I walked around campus with my map. This year has been truly amazing and I will always cherish this experience. I have met a lot of new people in the English Conversation Program, Honors and Scholars Ambassador and Boys and Girls Club. I also got a new job as a student assistant at a college’s office and I learned a lot about the business side of the university. Although this year has been really stressful, I have found what I really want as career. I switched from business to pre-med after much self-reflection. I learned many new things and I look forward to further expand my learning in the future years to come.


During my participation in IA, I have learned so much about myself and the community around me. Because of IA, I took the initiative to learn more about Columbus by volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club. If it wasn’t IA, I wouldn’t have learned the other side of Columbus where poverty and refugees are still very prevalent. IA also provided me with the opportunity to develop my leadership skills by becoming a Honors and Scholars Ambassador. Through this position, I was really honored to volunteer my time in order to make future buckeyes to feel at home at Ohio State. I am also really thankful for IA for giving me the resources such as amazing advisers and services to make my study abroad in South Korea possible over the summer of 2017.