2019 Summer at Oxford University

I attended the Oxford University Pre-Law program in 2019 Summer. The program taught us the basic rule of the Anglo-American legal system, and how to become a lawyer. We were taught by professors from Ohio State University and Oxford University. Besides, we went to Parliament and many other sites to view how the law works in real life.


Before attending this program, my impression of law is stepping up in the world. Influenced by movies and teleplays, my imagination of the trials are located in a gorgeous site with gold walls (maybe?). However, after visiting the real trails in London, I feel like the law is a daily thing. The law is not a special work but as common as IT.


Besides, I got some useful information on planning to become a lawyer. One of our professors taught us about the role played by lawyers in society. Through this program, I have a primary understanding of the main duties and appropriate behaviours of lawyers. Besides, by visiting the trials, I watch the trail judging real murder cases which I had never witnessed before.


All of those I have mentioned above are important because they consist of my primary understanding of law species. In other words, the Oxford University Pre-law program introduces me to my potential career. I would prepare for law species based on the existing and further developed knowledge.


In addition, it is my second time visiting the United Kingdom and the first time studying at Oxford University. The campus is different than OSU and so does the whole university structure. Addition to the academic knowledge, I know another school administrative structure that the universities consist of colleges. And each college is independent. Such information is also valuable because I can know more about the universities in abroad.