Artifact #1

The First day of class

It’s amazing how hypnotic a horse’s ears can be as they bob slowly in front of you, stretching forwards and back rhythmically as your mount strides out. For me, riding a horse is a heady combination of adventure, exhilaration and deep relaxation. My mind wanders as my horse trots, cantors and gallops. I go at my own pace—a sedate trot or a full out gallop. The overwhelming feeling is one of freedom. I am, quite literally, on the hoof.

Golden desire was my favorite horse, the apple of my eye. He was fast, ferocious, sweet and ravishing. It was like we could understand each other not through words, but via telepathy. The connection between us felt like an outlet for all my deepest thoughts, something I attained only on a horseback.

The increased concentration, core strength, and spontaneity I developed were a result of horse riding. These skills not only help me become a better jockey, but also a better a better student and a human being. As a result of the skills fostered, I was able to perform well at school and exams. I am a better person because I loved and was loved by an animal, which has brought out my generosity and care for them. This is what I love to the most and will love to do forever.


Artifact #2

February 28th 2018 was the presentation day for the Group four project; a project that combines all four fields of science: Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Environmental sciences. The topic for 2018 was “Health and Grooming,” our task as students was to become researchers and come up with an unique project that combines all four fields of science under the agenda topic. In a group of 6 people, it was hard to come up with an idea and decide to progress with it, as a group we thought of many things, the first thing we decided unfortunately did not work out and we were practically running out of time, we just had three days until the final presentation. However, we still had faith in ourselves, this is when we thought of another topic combining: used diaper polymers and detergents.

We worked for about 18 hours continuously in the lab to make this project a success, each of us worked on our individual subjects, I worked on the chemistry part so I had to work extra to make and demonstrate the working of the detergent. On the day before the presentation, we were overwhelmed to see that we made an economically and highly efficient detergent from used diaper polymers. This detergent was the first of its kind and was highly effective on all types of stained clothes. We presented a comparative demonstration of the commercial detergents and the polymer detergent on all kinds of stains keeping all the external factors constant. Most people were fascinated and we had couple of people willing to sponsor our detergent and make it commercial, we were amazed to see such an acceptance, so we knew our hard work paid off, which was later acknowledged by receiving the “Best project award” and the “Best presenter award,” this I believe, was my first step towards my career ambition of being a Research professional one day.

Artifact #3

My Model UN journey has begun in 5th grade, I still remember that day like it was yesterday, I attended the conference having no idea what MUN was and what I had to do, all I knew was my friends were going so I wanted to go too, I grew from that to ultimately joining my schools MUN club, making new friends and attending MUN conferences to make and strengthen relationships. I knew from the very first MUN that, these are the friends I will have for a lifetime, we were united by the strongest bond of common interests, and it amazes me that these delegates sitting and debating along with me could potentially be senators, diplomats and important people of the future. Even after the conference, I found myself confiding in and chatting with people I only know by country name. This freedom we have in a MUN allowed me to strengthen my public speaking, research and professional skills which over time has helped me win many MUNs allowing me to build an interest in public affairs and global politics.

Artifact #4

I became a Rotarian because of the personal satisfaction it gave me from making a difference in my community, and around the city. I can say that as a Rotarian my greatest joy was improving the lives of orphans. Among many other things, we have worked with organizations to help provide opportunities for education, improved sanitation and clean water. Locally, we cleaned the surroundings: lakes, pathways, parks, schools and donated books to underprivileged school children.

Rotary is all about service. Different people and clubs do different things that support different causes, and have an impact in different ways. The common denominator for over 1.2million Rotarians, from almost every country, every culture, is that we are ALL striving to make our communities and world a better place. That is powerful and I loved being a part of it.

Artifact #5

CASnival is a Carnival themed service activity organized by my high school, it was a one day event aimed at commercializing fun, food and events to help the homeless people in the city.

A group of three and I organized a bake sale, by selling home made: cookies, pastries, cakes, donuts at affordable prices. The entire event lasted for about 10 hours and it was a hectic day for all of us, since there were a lot customers rushing to our stall. At that point it was important for us to manage the customers, serve them their orders, record the money earned, calculate the profits, keep all the food organized, manage time, maintain coordination and team spirit. It was definitely a great experience as it strengthened many of my skills and made me more insightful about profit and loss.

Although the experience was tiresome, we were glad that at the end of the day, our hard work paid off, we made a huge profit, which had a major contribution to the overall amount earned from the entire event.

Artifact #6

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit service organization that works for the welfare of the backward classes in India. This was my first major service activity.

A group of 30 members went to Pondicherry; a backward city in India. Though the major part of the city was developed and had all the facilities it was disappointing to see that a little shadowed part of the same city was entirely different. People here, lived in hay houses, did not have proper clothing, were not able to afford two clean meals a day. This was a very devastating situation, so we made it our priority to give them at least one thing they were lagging, ‘a house.’

We worked with and alongside Habitat for Humanity, in order to help these citizens give them what they were deprived of. Though this was just a three day experience, we went through the pain and the rigorous hard work a laborer experienced in their everyday life. It was a great learning experience, as we were able to see the different parts of the society and understand their life styles.

overall, in our travel to Pondicherry we returned with immense satisfaction and smiles not just on our faces but theirs too.

Who am I?

Srija gundam is a first year undergraduate student in the Biological Science Scholars program.
She is interested in the subjects: Biology and Chemistry and aspires to be a Research professional one day. She really loves taking lab classes, and is looking forward to be actively involved in undergraduate research and service opportunities both on and off campus.

Srija has recently moved from India to the US. Though she was born in Florida she was brought up in India by her family, so this logically is her first time in the United States. She is looking forward to have a great time in OSU and wishes to understand and adjust to American culture by actively participating in events and celebrating festivals on campus.

Furthermore, she loves being involved on campus and exploring her passions inside and outside the classroom. She enjoys dancing, binge watching, talking to new people, exploring places, and sketching.
Srija has always been an active member of the MUN until high school, she has participated in more than 10 MUN’s  and had been successful in most of them, moreover she likes to challenge herself by taking competitive exams.

For Srija staying healthy and fit are significant, she is also an active equestrian and has been riding for more than 2 years now, she loves to go for a jaunt, not only because she is health conscious, but also as it makes her feel soulful, free and happy. Animals have always been her stress busters, especially horses, its like her horse and her are connected not just physically but mentally too.

On campus, Srija is looking forward to have an amazing, cherish-able time which will allow her to explore herself and the surroundings.

Semester 1 in Review

My first semester was a series of ups and downs.

In terms of extracurricular activities, I was able to join few clubs and stay active by attending a their meetings. I also actively participated in Biological science scholar’s events on and off campus which gave me insight into many service and research opportunities both on and off campus. However, unfortunately I really wanted to join BuckeyeFusion, but could not, as I missed the tryout days, so next semester/year I look forward to be a part of this dance club.

In terms of relationships, I was able to meet a lot of new people through clubs, first year survey, BioSci scholar seminar, scholar’s events who will undoubtedly be a part of my life for the rest of my college life. Making new friends, allowed me to adjust and develop an understanding of the American culture (as this is my first official time in USA), allowing me to participate and actively celebrate different cultural activities (Pumpkin carving, Halloween celebrations).

In terms of academics, I was able to constantly maintain my grades at a certain level, but not entirely satisfied with them. Next semester, I aspire to achieve the highest possible grades in every class, by managing my time, attending office hours when in doubt, moreover preparing and following a proper study schedule during exams.

Though my first semester did not pass joyfully, I’m committed to not repeat my mistakes and blissfully look forward for a blast next semester.






G stands for Global awareness meaning it is important for us, students, to cultivate and accept every individuals cultural differences. Back in high school, being a part of the Model United Nations club allowed me to be globally aware and engaged, being a part of MUNs allowed me to be mentally and physically engaged with people around me in the conference who I only know by delegations. I wish to have the same spirit in college and I want to continue by joining the MUNDO club on campus, furthermore I look forward to join some of the cultural clubs to be culturally active by participating in celebrations with people around me and accepting differences in them.

stands for Original Inquiry, we Honors and Scholars students are expected to understand the research process by actively engaging in top researches on and across campus and in global community. As I aspire to be a research professional one day, I have always been actively engaged in research, I was the head of labs in American Chemical Association club in my high school, through which we have conducted several research projects and activities on campus, also I have participated and won the group research project, The Group 4, in high school through which we have made a highly economic and efficient detergent as compared to commercial products. In OSU I wish to carry on with the same engaging spirit, so I have already been attending the ACS club meetings so far. My research side is still thriving to find the right place and mentor to research with.

stands for Academic Enrichment, we, H&S students pursue academic excellence through circular experiences both in and out of the classroom. In high school, I have taken the most challenging curriculum the IB diploma program, through which I learnt college course at an early stage, alongside I have also participated in many competitive exams, the Olympiads, and succeed in most of them and achieved a 10/10 CGPA in 10th grade and a 3.8 GPA overall in IB. I would also strive to be academically enriched here, at Ohio state, by joining clubs and taking part in activities both in and out of the classroom.

stands for Service Engagement, as H&S students it is important to commit to service. Service has always been an impeccable part of my life, I have participated and organized many service activities including: Habitat for Humanity, CASnival, Splaash, Rotary club (as mentioned in the Artifacts section). I look forward to join service clubs and actively participate in Scholar’s service activities too.