Although I have only been at Ohio State for just under a semester, I have developed a much clearer understanding of what the rest of my time here will entail. I am much surer about my intended major as well as my future plans for later in life. After receiving greater insight of what it means to be a nurse, I feel like pursing an APRN degree will be a great fit for me and I now know multiple methods to reach that career if my first plan does not work out. Additionally, I am much more informed about the resources Ohio State provides for its students to achieve their goals as well as more comfortable in utilizing these resources. After taking part in the assignments of my survey classes, I now have greater confidence to take a more proactive route of working towards doing well not only in regard to my education but also my health by interacting with professors, classmates, and other Ohio State faculty by receiving guidance when necessary instead of trying to juggle issues on my own.

For my upcoming time at Ohio State, I will spend more time on leading a healthy lifestyle. I plan on doing this by attending university-offered health sessions, utilizing health-promoting facilities, and continuing to work on handling stress in a constructive manner so that I may continually try to be the best I can be. Additionally, I also plan on growing within my upcoming time at Ohio State by taking part in clubs and volunteering that I will enjoy and find meaningful. Something I wish to do within my time here is to either study abroad or go on a service trip; I believe taking part in an opportunity such as those would allow me to fulfill my passion for helping others while also providing me another great opportunity to learn even more about myself and who I want to become.

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McKenna Guillozet’s Resume