2nd Year Service Project

Throughout this past year, I have been involved in a project I set up that was aimed towards offering service to those who suffer from dementia/Alzheimer’s disease. For this project, I spent most of my time constructing blankets, called “busy blankets”, which I am donating to the dementia unit at the nursing home where I work. These blankets are sort of like quilts that have activities built into them — zippers, buttons, different fabrics/textures, picture holders, beads, and so on. The purpose of these blankets is to provide tactile relief to patients who constantly fidget and have a need to keep busy or moving. In addition to constructing these blankets basically from scratch with the help of my mother, I have also volunteered on weekends in the dementia unit at a nursing home here in Columbus with the student organization Buckeyes Against Alzheimer’s. While patients who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s do not remember like they used to, it is important that we as a community remember and appreciate them, their experiences, and what they have to offer us.