I have been raised and attended school in a very conservative, Catholic environment. When I came to Columbus for college, I was emerged in a completely different atmosphere. Since I am going to enter the health field as a profession, I think it is necessary that I attempt to understand others and do what I can to be culturally competent. For this reason, one Saturday a friend and I decided to go out to a gay bar, Axis, despite my own heterosexual orientation. At first I felt out of my league, but very quickly into our arrival I started to have a blast and talked to all sorts of fun people. We even got free glow sticks and neon face paintings from drag queens! In the end I had a great night and got to experience something I never would have had the chance to see back home. Since my time here in Columbus at Ohio State, I have grown to understand on a much deeper and sincere level that some people just live a very different lifestyle than me and what I am used to seeing. I would definitely go back to Axis and would take even more friends with me next time!

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