Year in Review

First Year

The most memorable experience I have from my first year at Ohio State is volunteering at the Wexner Medical Center. This experience is memorable because it reinforced my plan of applying for the nursing program. I previously knew I enjoy helping others but by working hands-on with patients and the medical team, I gained a greater understanding of why nursing is a great fit— I enjoy the trust others place in me and the teamwork required for the field. Additionally, because I knew of the nursing program’s competitiveness before applying, I had a preconceived notion that I would be on my own in regard to classes. Though this was true fall semester, I am happy to say that this spring semester I found a group of other pre-nursing students with whom I worked and studied with, helping to promote and encourage each other and our chances of getting into the program.


The most memorable service experience I participated in this year occurred the weekend before classes even started: community commitment. I was assigned to a group who landscaped, cleaned, and cooked at a home belonging to a group of adults whom have some form of physical or mental disability. This experience was meaningful for me because it opened my eyes to the value of a home. Rather than living in a long-term care facility, these people simply wanted a home and friends to live with, which is something I realize I take for granted. Walking away from the resident’s house that day can be described in one word: satisfying. Knowing that those people get to continue living comfortably in a place of their choosing rather than thrown into a care facility was empowering not only for the residents but also for those of us who helped.


Although I have only been at Ohio State for just under a semester, I have developed a much clearer understanding of what the rest of my time here will entail. I am much surer about my intended major as well as my future plans for later in life. After receiving greater insight of what it means to be a nurse, I feel like pursing an APRN degree will be a great fit for me and I now know multiple methods to reach that career if my first plan does not work out. Additionally, I am much more informed about the resources Ohio State provides for its students to achieve their goals as well as more comfortable in utilizing these resources. After taking part in the assignments of my survey classes, I now have greater confidence to take a more proactive route of working towards doing well not only in regard to my education but also my health by interacting with professors, classmates, and other Ohio State faculty by receiving guidance when necessary instead of trying to juggle issues on my own.

For my upcoming time at Ohio State, I will spend more time on leading a healthy lifestyle. I plan on doing this by attending university-offered health sessions, utilizing health-promoting facilities, and continuing to work on handling stress in a constructive manner so that I may continually try to be the best I can be. Additionally, I also plan on growing within my upcoming time at Ohio State by taking part in clubs and volunteering that I will enjoy and find meaningful. Something I wish to do within my time here is to either study abroad or go on a service trip; I believe taking part in an opportunity such as those would allow me to fulfill my passion for helping others while also providing me another great opportunity to learn even more about myself and who I want to become.

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McKenna Guillozet’s Resume



Growing up in a German/Irish/French household, meat has always been a large part of my diet. There are no vegetarians or vegans whatsoever on either side of my family and I never met any until a year or two ago. Now I am friends with three and spending time with them has taught me that protein really does not need to come from meat. In an effort to embrace their lifestyle for a meal one night, I decided to have a chipotle black bean burger at King Avenue 5. Surprisingly, the patty was much tastier than I expected and filled my craving for a burger. I would recommend this restaurant and dish to my friends!


About Me

My name is McKenna Guillozet. I am a 2015 graduate of Lehman Catholic High School, Sidney, Ohio and am proud to be a new member of the Buckeye Community. Measuring just under five feet tall, in high school I was not a person people, per se, looked up to, yet I was someone people sought for guidance and direction.  A big reason for this had to do with the positive character and integrity which I strived to exhibit. I undertook leadership positions in two of the school’s clubs, was co-captain of the women’s varsity soccer team, and was also active in other school clubs and activities. Despite a busy schedule I was able to do well academically as well and graduated as the class Salutatorian.

While at Ohio State I have made it my goal to continue to maintain academic excellence.  I am a Health Sciences Scholar in the pre-nursing program and next year I hope to be accepted into Ohio State University’s Nursing program working toward the objective of obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree. I have always possessed a passion for helping others along with an interest in medicine. While my plans upon graduation are still in the exploratory stage I am giving strong consideration to furthering my studies in the medical field, possibly studying to become a nurse practitioner, midwife, or nurse anesthetist.

I am excited to learn and experience all that Ohio State University has to offer.  Even though I come from a small town and high school, I feel right at home in Columbus due to the welcoming nature of the OSU community.  I am confident that as long as I continue to work hard and utilize the opportunities provided by the university I will find the right path so that I may succeed in accomplishing my goals and dreams.