Road Trip 2016

Over spring break of my senior year of high school, I took a road trip to New York City and Boston with three of my best friends. Instead of taking any pictures during this trip, I decided to create an exciting, fast-paced video which showcases the trip in chronological order. I believe that this video is some of my best work in terms of video quality, organization and pacing. Although I used a copyrighted song and only filmed using an iPhone, this short compilation of clips from the trip we took turned out exactly how I imagined!

The link to view this video is here:

About Me

Hi, my name is Ben Gugick, I am from Highland Heights, Ohio (near Cleveland) and I am majoring in business (marketing) at The Ohio State University. I love the outdoors (hiking, climbing, skiing, swimming, etc.), as well as hanging out with friends to play sports and listening to music (I like pretty much everything music wise). Since 8th grade, I have enjoyed making various short videos; some for school or informational purposes, and others in my leisure time for entertainment purposes. I have always found commercials and overall marketing techniques used by companies such as Google or Apple to be very fascinating, and I aspire to work in a career involved with marketing in the future.

Year in Review

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