Midyear in Review

This semester, I began to focus more on my interests specifically related to healthcare. I joined the Medical Innovations Club’s stent retriever project, which focuses on developing a new design for stent retrievers to help stroke patients. I also joined the Medicine and the Arts Committee in the Humanism in Medicine Club, became a CARE Ambassador for international students in the Buckeye residence area, and became a representative for the Future Health Professionals learning community in learning community council. I also began volunteering at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center’s Emergency Department. These opportunities have really solidified my interest in medicine, and I look forward to exploring and learning more about healthcare in the coming semesters.


Global Awareness: In order to better enhance my sense of global awareness, I will take courses in Chinese culture. If time permits, I would also like to do research abroad during the summer. This will allow me to not only pursue academic enrichment, but it will also give me greater appreciation for different cultures.

Original Inquiry: I would like to join a medical research lab during my undergraduate years. Joining a research lab can further enhance my understanding of science and open up the possibility of exploring new ideas.

Academic Enrichment: To achieve academic enrichment, I will take courses that will challenge me and encourage me to think in new ways. This will allow me to grow as both a student and as a global student. I have already begun to take honors classes, such as honors chemistry, honors sociology, and an upper-level math class. These classes have definitely greatly enhanced my previous understanding of these subjects.

Leadership Development: In order to develop as a leader in society, I will actively find leadership roles around campus. I have become a representative for my learning community in Learning Community council, as well as a member of the Medicine and the Arts committee in Humanism in Medicine and a CARE Ambassador for international students. These roles have greatly cultivated my leadership skills.

Service Engagement: To continue serving my community, I will continue to volunteer at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. Volunteering at the emergency department and helping patients’ family members has been one of the most meaningful experiences this semester and was instrumental in solidifying my goals of becoming a doctor.



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Artifact #1: Phlebotomy Clinic

I had the opportunity to go to the Ackerman Medical Complex one night to participate in a phlebotomy clinic (drawing blood). As a part of the clinic, we learned how to properly use a tourniquet, find a vein, and insert/withdraw two types of butterfly needles from a patient’s arm. At the end of the clinic, we were able to practice on the arms of mannequins. This is a picture of me drawing blood from a mannequin.

About Me


Hannah Gu is a first-year undergraduate Honors student at the Ohio State University. She will be majoring in Biology and is on a pre-medicine track. Originally from New York, Hannah moved to Ohio before beginning high school. As a high school student, she enjoyed volunteering with children at her local Chinese school, playing the violin, swimming, and engaging in research. Hannah looks forward to becoming involved in research opportunities as an undergraduate student and volunteering throughout her time in college. Outside of academics, Hannah hopes to learn more about different cultures through her interactions with others.