Personal Profile

To say my name correctly, you have to know a Chinese custom that puts one’s last name or family name first. So, my name is GU QINYI. I have lived in Shenzhen, Guangdong for over sixteen years, while my hometown is Zunyi, Guizhou. I am the only child of my family, but since I have memories, I always dreaming to have a brother, which is impractical. I do have some hobbies like watching movies, taking photos, and playing Guzheng(a traditional Chinese instrument that looks like the horizontal harp). Moreover, I would love to explore interesting things like equestrianism and shooting.

One scene of the sports meet  


Shenzhen Second Senior High School is my old school. The second year of senior high is a big year for me. Back then, I participated in the First Tech Challenge(ETC). Even though the challenge, designing a robot that can gather balls on the ground automatically and climb a steep slope, is not that hard, those exhausting days and nights I spend with my team are memorable and precious. Besides, I, as the head student of the photography club, collaborated with other club members to hold an exhibition, which lasted a whole week at the biggest book city of Shenzhen and was highly praised by society. I really appreciate those experiences that help me excavate my undiscovered possibilities and also other possibilities.

The last day of the exhibition 


I chose OSU mostly on account on its outstanding faculties, hospitable campus, and united alumni spirits.

I am going to major in biochemistry because I want to do something for human health. When my grandmother died of advanced cervical cancer ten years ago, I felt life was so vulnerable for the first time. Besides worry, I could do nothing to help back then. Later, in Grade 8, when Biology became one of my compulsory course, I was intrigued. Gradually, I came to understand the molecular components of cells, the structures of cells and organisms, the function of organs, and so on. My motivation for tertiary studies is behind the eagerness to improve medical conditions. Majoring in biochemistry is the foundation towards further medical studies. I want to help those in need, save their lives and provide high-quality treatments at a lower cost.

Balls on the “battlefield”