The GSAA is the governing body of the OSU anthropology graduate student collective and is a formally recognized student group at OSU.

Through GSAA we seek to…

  1. Promote a scholarly atmosphere among students pursuing a graduate career in anthropology;
  2. Provide an atmosphere for student anthropologists to pursue academic, professional, and community-oriented goals at OSU;
  3. Provide a forum through which students in anthropology are enabled to enhance their understanding of anthropology and anthropological activities at OSU and among other institutions and organizations with interests related to anthropology.

The GSAA is involved in many activities. These include department and university based events, outreach-based events, and non-collegiate activities.

Questions? Comments? Please email gsaa@buckeyemail.osu.edu.

Interested in anthropology? Check out our podcast A Story of Us at http://u.osu.edu/astoryofus