Cover Letter

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Ben Grutsch.  I am an Aviation Management major at The Ohio State University.  I have been interested in aviation for as long as I can remember and, until recently, intended to become a professional pilot.  Sadly, this is not an option for me because of the type of colorblind I am.  However, I am still determined to be a part of this expansive industry.  My current intentions are to go into Operations, but I have not decided whether airports or airlines/charter companies are a better fit.  I am highly organized, and can deal with many things happening simultaneously.   I am very calculated in my actions, always thinking through all possible consequences before making a decision.  I currently work for Ohio State’s campus bus system which gives me an excellent perspective on how small actions can positively and negatively affect the “big picture”.

My goals for the future are fairly simple.  The most short term goal I have is to simply get a job in aviation.  My next goal is getting a job in aviation I want, such as Operations.  My longest term goal is to get a job in aviation that I want which is also near Central Ohio.  I place a very high value on family and nearly all of mine is in this area.  I look forward to working in this exciting industry and thank you for your time.


Ben Grutsch