Composting 101

It is the time of year when Mother Nature provides a bounty of leaves that just need a little time to turn in to compost.  If you are not a composter and want to get started creating your own organic matter soil amendment then check out this recorded webinar that details the basics of Composting 101. You will be glad that you did!

2 thoughts on “Composting 101

  1. Do you have tips for using compost bins, rather than an outdoor pile? We have several bins that we’ve used over the past few years -alternating between them from season to season. How do you know when the compost is ready to use?

    • Greetings,

      The compost bins can make compost faster but will require a little more work for turning as well as potentially adding water. You will know it is ready when it has broken down nearly or completely and you cannot tell what it was prior. It should have no smell or have an earthly smell.

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