A Busy Week in the Garden and Market! Three events on August 2nd, 3rd, and 4th this week.

Lots going on in the garden this week.  It is planting time for the last batch of summer veggies,  time to start fall cool season vegetables,  plus maintenance of our current crops with pest, weed, and fertility challenges.  Plus 90 degree heat.  I will be out in the community all week talking these topics on two garden walks plus a trip to the Bronzeville Grower Market.


Tuesday August 2nd: A Garden Walk at Bexley Community Garden South @ 6:30pm.

Come join us at the Bexley Community Garden South, 925 Ferndale Place, Bexley for a free in-person class to discuss:

  • What bugs are a problem now.
  • What to do with fertility.
  • What are our weather predictions?
  • What to plant now

Link to Google Maps



Wednesday August 3rd: A Garden Walk at Mari Sunami Community Garden on the South Side @ 6pm.

We have two more garden walks at Mari Sunami!  In the first walk on August 3rd we will be talking about what summer crops you can still plant for a fall harvest.  For the second walk on September 7th we will talk fall planting of cool season crops. Plus lots more about pests, weeds, disease, fertilizing, and harvesting.   The walks are free and open to the public so bring your friends and your questions!

Also,  there is potential space available if you are in need of a garden plot!   Contact Jess at the phone and email below if you are interested.


Here is a close up of the map to get you to the location




Thursday August 4th: What to Plant NOW for Fall at the Bronzeville Growers Market @ 4pm.

Plus you can do some shopping and get some fresh produce!  See you out and about!

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