February 2021 Garden Update

I will be creating monthly quick video updates on what is happening right now in the garden and posting them each month to summarize the monthly virtual garden walk classes in 2021.

This will allow backyard growers, community gardeners, urban farmers and teacher educators to get information quickly or on social if you do not have the time to attend or view the monthly virtual class events.

In this 4-and-a-half-minute update we will take a quick look at:

  • Spring weather predictions
  • An update on the Over-wintered spinach and kale
  • What to plant right now under the lights for spring transplanting
  • Thinking about our cover crop management


Want to watch the whole virtual class with Q and A from February 4 then click this link!


Want to access the whole 2020 Year in Gardening, then click THIS link!


See you next month!

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