Winter Gardening Update and 2021 Weather Predictions for Spring

We are getting close to the heavy production time for backyard growing, community gardening, back to in-person school and urban farming, so let’s take a look at a few things.

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I am already seeing and hearing about seed shortages from online seed companies.  Make sure to do your ordering ASAP if you plan to get product that way.  I have noticed a good selection, varieity and amount of seed available locally from nurseries.

Cover Crops Update

This is a mixed planting at the demonstration garden at my building on Waterman Farm.  It is planted in oats and winter radishes.  This should be a winter-killed mix, but is doing good so far as we have not had a very cold winter, plus it is located in a warmer microenvironment.  I may have to terminate that via tillage to plant early in the season.  This should not be as difficultt as winter rye which can be tricky.

A little frost damage, but otherwise growing very well.

CLICK HERE for a link to how to manage Over Wintered Cover Crops

Season Extended Over Wintered Greens

Did you all plant Spinach to Grow Over Winter?  It is really fun to have a harvest in the middle of winter. Here is a quick video on how it is done. 

I made a one minute quick video update on the Season Extended Spinach and Kale at my building’s demonstration garden to show you the progress:

Weather Prediction Update

Here is the most up to date temperature and precipitation update from NOAA, made on January 21st.  It shows greater than normal chance of warm weather and rainfall both.  Take careful note of this.  I will use this information to start some seeds earlier than normal to try to get some plants in the ground,  potentially under cover, to get an early harvest.

I will be starting some seeds soon to plant in my container garden as well as under cover at the demonstration garden.  I will likely start some lettuce, arugula, spinach and bok choi with broccoli, cauliflower and kalettes soon after.  Want to learn how to start some seed yourself?  Check out these links:


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    • Corinna, With row cover I have never had to water over the winter. It allows moisture to penetrate through. I am doing an experiment with the plastic to see how its management compares to row cover.

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