5 thoughts on “Grilling Summer Squash

  1. I am confused about when you use the first marinade and when to apply the second because you showed two different mixes in the video. Do you use the first one with the olive oil and balsamic initially to grill it and then put the one with the garlic on it afterwards? Thanks.

    • Debra, those are two separate marinades. Wanted to show a couple good choices for folks to use. Thanks for watching the video!

  2. Hi,
    Does anyone know where one can purchase a Calabaza in Ohio? I’ve had some of the best pumpkin soup made from a calabaza and would love to try to make it at home.

    • Vanessa,

      I do not specifically know of a place. We have an amazing assortment of specialty stores that might carry it. Try calling CAM, La Plaza Tapatia and Saraga for a start. Since this is winter squash season you may want to visit some Farmer’s Markets as well as this is the time of year to get that. Good Luck

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