What to Plant NOW for Your Fall Garden Webinar Recording

This virtual class event was held in partnership with the Growing and Growth Collective on 8/27.  We still have lots of time to grow food and fall is a dynamite season for growing.  The bugs start to leave,  the heat improves and the rain comes back.  Click on the link to learn what you can plant NOW for fall.




Some other supportive webinars and links referenced in the Fall Garden Class to support your fall growing. 

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2 thoughts on “What to Plant NOW for Your Fall Garden Webinar Recording

  1. Thanks for this excellent seminar; as always, your info is top notch! I didn’t get to participate live so I have a couple questions for you.
    1. I have a large raised bed with vegetables. You mentioned crop rotation but I usually work organic matter into it in the spring and it gets all churned up. Should I still be mindful about rotating my vegetable families to different spots within the raised bed?
    2. Do you recommend cover crop for a raised bed?
    3. I have had TONS of zephyr squash from one plant (upwards of 50 full fruits) this summer, but that same plant has had as many squash wilt/soften/rot at the tip when the fruit is various sizes (from the tiniest fruit to the larger ones almost ready to harvest). Any suggestions?
    Thank you Tim!

    • Jody, thanks for the kind words! If you can crop rotate at least a little bit that will help with disease management going forward. Otherwise adding organic matter is dynamite for soil health. I have cover cropped in raised beds, it all depends on how you can manage the growth. For the squash, the two most common reasons for what you describe are pollination problems or blossom end rot, which is common in squash as well as tomatoes. We have had conditions that would potentially cause that. I lean towards that as I am noticing plentiful pollinators right now. Here is a fact sheet to assist you.

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