Spring Garden Planning Virtual Class Event is now Online!

A Spring Garden Planning Virtual Class Event was held this past Friday and recorded so that you can view this as needed to get background information on garden planning, site selection, soil health, raised beds, organic matter and fertility.   Feel free to share as needed.

Does your group want a virtual class?  Check out this Growing Franklin LINK.  There may be one already scheduled with another group that you can join in as well.



Looking for a great fact sheet on Getting Started in Gardening, just click this link.

There are also virtual class events on:

2 thoughts on “Spring Garden Planning Virtual Class Event is now Online!

  1. I have many seedlings that I started indoors beginning in February and ongoing since then in preparation for planting outside in May (peppers, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, herbs, flowers). I have alaska liquid fish fertilizer and am wondering a few things about fertilizing:
    -how often to fertilize the seedlings
    -how early to fertilize them after they’ve sprouted from seed
    -how best to do so (bottom watering or direct watering in pots)?
    -Is there risk of over fertilizing and damaging the plants- how careful should I be about this?
    Thank you!

    • Jody, I recommend bottom watering with the product used at the label amount recommended. You can start at fertilizing maybe once per week, but that may be adjusted if you notice any problems with nutrient deficiencies. Some fish emulsions can be higher in salt content and too much can cause a problem. I do not know the salt content of your specific product. I start fertilizing once the first true leaves appear on the plants. Good Luck!

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