Seed Starting

Seed Starting basics in partnership with Scotts Miracle-Gro,  Columbus City Schools and Ohio State University Extension.  While some material is specific to the educator training in the partnership,  the video should be useful for any backyard growers, community gardeners or urban farmers who wish to start their own seeds.



3 thoughts on “Seed Starting

  1. Hello!
    First — thank you for your website — it is a wealth of information!!!

    I am going to get our church community garden started.
    Only thing — I am NOT a vegetable gardener 🙂 And … I am from Georgia — so I am accustom (in flower gardening) to a different growing timetable.

    Do you mind giving me a timetable of what to do?
    – Right now — clearing debris? … when should mulch be applied—then cover with straw? (Please correct my thoughts!)
    – What is the next step – that we can begging to prepare?
    – Starting seeds inside (saw you are doing so) — what seeds are fairly easy to get started inside?
    ALSO — the kits you mentioned —- are those available for purchase? I’d like to have one, myself — but also for my grandchildren who are now learning from home.
    – Want to prepare to put up net fencing (in the past — lots of deer and critters have loved to munch ) Need your advice …

    A simple list of “do this” ..and .. “when” … will be great!
    And — would love to purchase, at least, 2 of those kits! 🙂

    I really appreciate all of your help!!
    Pam Bickley

    • Pam, I will send you an email this week with an update on your specific asks. I do several classes that detail all that but they are cancelled so I am gradually adding digital content to support the activities. As for the kits, they are not a pre-made kit but are instead a curated set of materials to support school garden activities.

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