Free Horse Manure for Pick Up

Free Horse Manure Available for Pick Up
The Columbus Police Department has a supply of horse manure available free of charge for urban farmers and community gardens.  The manure must be picked up at the Columbus Police Mounted Unit at 2609 McKinley Ave. near Valleyview on the near west side of Columbus.  The manure is available seven days a week from 8 am to 4 pm without an appointment or notice.
Upon entering the facility, turn right and drive back to where the 30 yard container is located.  A staff member is on duty at the facility and can help open the container door if necessary.  Be sure to close the container door when you are through loading.  You will need to bring shovels, and containers (or a truck) to load and haul the manure yourself.

The debris is fresh manure with hay and straw from the stalls after mucking added to the top. Lower levels may be more composted. The door is heavy and tricky to use, get assistance from staff to open and close the door if needed.

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4 thoughts on “Free Horse Manure for Pick Up

  1. Hello Group,
    I would be interested in getting this manure, however, what do I do with it afterwards? How is it incorporated in a compost pile, or does it need to be dried and mixed in to the soil directly.

    • Eric,

      I have not seen the product to be able to advise on what state of decomposition it is in. I would say that if it is not completely composted then I would add it to a compost pile, or add it to a garden plot or raised bed, incorporate it then plant a cover crop on it to allow it to be broken down over winter, but have the nutrients saved via the cover crop.

    • Since that posting was made in 2018, I recommend you contact the Columbus Police Mounted Unit to check on availability.

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