Over the course of the semester the team took various pictures of team members working on the AEV project . These pictures show Group P in action over the course of the AEV project -many include moments such as when the team was building the AEV, programming code for the arduino, analyzing data from AEV test runs, or during group meeting working on progress reports and other assignments during the course of the project


  • The group has brainstormed several ideas for the AEV. Every member of the group was told to come up with an idea worth exploring. These ideas includes testing inline vs out of line motors, how much weight plays a factor in efficiency, minimalist design in terms of materials used,  and how to maximize Ruggedness of the AEV.

UPDATE (2/14/17)

  • the team has made progress testing different Processes to decide what is the most important attribute to an efficient design. These tests include weight savings vs aerodynamics, and propeller configuration. The Team also tested the efficient of certain code such as the Accelerate vs the motorSpeed command.

UPDATE (3/10/17)

  • The group has made good progress on the AEV. At the moment the team is working on  developing and 3D printing a customized arm for the AEV. The group has decided upon 2 final designs and is getting ready for final comparisons and testing.  The team used the concept scoring and screening matrices to come to this conclusion.

Update (3/16/17)

  • the team attempted to 3D print on one of the team members personal printers. However, the weight gain from the 3D printed part would not be worth the aerodynamic energy savings the part would have delivered. as a result the team decided upon a final design that doesn’t include 3D printed parts.

UPDATE (4/8/17)

  • The group completed its final testing today. The AEV ran smoothly and The team wasn’t docked any points. The final mass was .259 kg, a total energy used of 341.5 joules, a final time if 72 seconds, and a final energy/mass ratio of 1318.5 joules/kg. not the team can focus on finishing the final reports for the class.