Problem Definition

Persona (click to view)

Persona that we created to help remind us who we will be designing for.

Mind Map

The four main problem areas we identified from this mindmap are Flexibility/capacity in one hand movements, the process of taking out the trash, gripping to clean effectively, and multitasking with one arm.

Problem Areas and Goals of Future Solutions 

1. Problem Area: The process of taking out the trash.

Goals of Future Solutions: Provide a fast and easy way for users to take out a trash bag without it getting stuck, tie the bag, and put a new bag in.

2.Problem Area: Flexibility and capacity of one hand.

Goals of  Future Solutions: Enable increased freedom of one-handed users by providing more flexibility and available movement to existing hand.

3.Problem Area: Multi-tasking with one hand.

Goals of Future Solutions: Provide something that can accomplish multiple tasks sequentially

4.Problem Area: Gripping while cleaning

Goals of Future Solutions: Create a gripping device that allows the user to grip common household cleaning materials that can combat hard to clean surfaces or items.

Problem Statements:

  1. Design a product that allows users to easily take a trash bag out of a can, tie it, and replace the bag with little to no trouble.
  2. Design a product that increases a user’s available movement range and flexibility of the hand they currently have.
  3. Design a product that enables a user to do multiple tasks at once while maintaining the safety of the user.
  4. Design a product that enables a user to grip common items used in daily cleaning tasks, to prevent slipping and increase friction.