Everything happens for a reason.

When some tragic instance occurs, the phrase “everything happens for a reason” comforts those in pain, letting them know that there is some bigger picture or plan for all of us. Although this thought is comforting, it actually can bring confusion, anxiety and depression.

In Thomas Nagel’s 6th chapter entitled “Free Will” in his book What Does it All Mean?, he discusses the implications of free will and determinism. If everything happens for a reason, then what is the point of any of our choices? We may believe that we have the freedom to make our own choice, like a major in college, when in reality this is chosen for us by our previous experiences and everything that led up to that decision.

So, then, why is the phrase “everything happens for a reason” so comforting? Furthermore, why do people enjoy the concepts of fate and karma?

I believe that people have several paths that they may take in life. Although these paths are predetermined, they have a high range of variability in-between them. No path to success was ever perfect, and the drawbacks that were found along the way helped them grow and succeed. These downfalls are a part of the path and they help the person succeed. In essence, we have some choice, and can find meaning in several areas in the world. When we are on these paths, we have a set road that we can detour from in a variety of ways, and grow in our lives in the direction we choose.

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  1. I think we find the phrase “everything happens for a reason” comforting is because that is our way to move on from something that didn’t turn out exactly they way we would have liked. When things don’t go our way, there exist lose threads of it in our mind, feelings, and emotions. By accepting reality, and saying that it all happens for a reason, closes the chapter and puts a finish on a situation. Similarly, we say its because of fate. As for karma, I think it exists to help us define our own self-image. It also gives us an outlook to alleviate our own pain.

  2. Another way to explain “everything happens for a reason” is “everything is in perfect order”, whether it be: evil, death, achievements, action etc… For me, when I say everything happens for a reason, it comes from the understanding of connecting the dots and appreciation of my path. It is not lofty nor a mechanism that allows me to have closure. It’s an idea that is open for discussion. It is exactly what it says, and if we think of it from an even deeper perspective, It says that even those choices and steps you take for good or for learning, were meant to happen. That that thought you had that led to a certain outcome was meant to happen. That that day you woke up and decided that you were going to create your own life with your own beliefs, rules and regulations, was simply you acting on your natural state of self within a moment in time, which was also meant to happen, for you. I am not religious, nor agnostic nor athiest. I believe in a higher power, perhaps that we control our own destiny with our consciousness and belief systems. I believe in everything. Whether I have an opinion, I will always appreciate someone for theirs and do what I can to help them and their beliefs. What I can’t explain is sudden death, nothing can explain accidents and random diseases, who caught what. That’s why life to me isn’t a title “that I am alive” I exist from a form of life and life still lives when I’m dead, dead from my human body. Thus everything happens for a reason, whether we can understand/see it or not. There’s so much to this topic, so many different angles and paths of discussion. Vibrating love and kindness to our world <3

    • I see that life is basically science and math that we are experience through our sense of self and mind. Nothing is with out reason, everything has a cause as we are all just a set of events and moments continuing part of everything that ever has happend and that ever will. everything makes sense, life death war, pain suffering. for me everything has a reason (biological, psychological mathematical) and this brings acceptance of what we are experiencing and part of. It isnt a avoidance mechanism or justification. its actually pretty scary and terrifying to see how little control we have and the “good” and “bad” in what we are part of and experiencing. its not just saying everything has a reason, then sitting back and doing nothing. its also involves individual responsibility, everything is happening for a reason….now what am i going to do/do i need to do with my time here but with this greater sense of peace. everything is the only way it can be in this moment and everything is going to change. on that basis we act, we react, and life keeps on going

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  4. I’ve come to a point in my life where I’ve grown to accept the fact that there is no reason. That life is a lot simpler than humans try to make it to be. If you really need a reason, there’s only “because that’s the way the world works” The world includes humans, plants, animals, etc. Think of insects and their own short lives …all the small prey like mice being hunted daily. The trees being cut down and burned. Where there is beauty, there is a tragedy. Where there is a success, there is someone being stepped on. Life on Earth is a circle. A circle of psychology and life. It’s just time to accept that it’s okay for life to not have a reason because the truth is, there could be many little reasons that have nothing to do with you personally.
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