Gay Marriage and Maybe More

In our Philosophy class, we discussed differing views on gay marriage provided by Maggie Gallagher and John Corvino. As a firm believer in gay marriage, I choose to side with Corvino, who argues that marriage should be granted to both opposite- and same-sex couples, since they do not necessarily have an effect on each other. I strongly believe that this is a right for all humans, to be able to commit yourself to the one you love for life, but I believe that everyone deserves even more than that.

Recently, a male Ohio State student kissed his boyfriend in public and got punched in the face by a bystander. In the music video “Take Me to Church” by Hozier, a gay couple gets caught and one member gets severely bashed by a bystander.

I do not believe that it is ever morally correct to hurt someone based off of one of their innate characteristics, such as homosexuality. I argue that we need more than just equality, we need acceptance. Everyone deserves to feel safe, and acceptance is the key to safety, therefore acceptance is necessary to fulfill everyone’s basic human needs.

See the article about the student here:

See the video here:

2 thoughts on “Gay Marriage and Maybe More

  1. I agree that we do need acceptance but it’ll take time and effort. People today are still racist after all these years. It’ll probably take years before people accept same-sex relationships. It’s definitely possible with more and more younger people supporting it.

  2. I strongly agree with your argument and believe that universal acceptance of gay marriage is necessary in order to decrease (and hopefully eliminate) the occurrence of such horrific actions. It is absolutely unjust to punish, hurt, or mock someone simply due to their sexual orientation because they are in no way affecting the lives of others in choosing to be homosexual. It is sad to read about such senseless actions, but I believe that we are headed in the right direction towards achieving acceptance for homosexuals by legalizing gay marriage in many (and hopefully all) states.

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