In class we discussed Justice by Nagel and how he suggests that in order to create equality, the government should increase the taxation of the rich and give the money to the poor. I agree that there should be limitations because people will start taking advantage of it. The government should make sure that the people receiving financial help are in need of it. I volunteered for this event called “Good Neighbors” that provides food and entertainment for the homeless while they take turns choosing from an assortment of clothes and blankets to take with them. I saw homeless people with iPhones and other advanced cellphones and name brand shoes like Nike and Jordans. It made me think that if they can afford to buy expensive things, why can’t they afford to buy their kids food or a home? It relates to what we just discussed because people do get away with taking advantage of different financial aid the government provides and that makes it unfair to the rich. In order for Nagel’s idea to work, they have to set up very strict rules in order to send the money to those who are truly in need.

4 thoughts on “Justice

  1. While I agree with your point that some people in poverty spend their money on material items rather than more necessary things like food or shelter, it also must be acknowledged that we live in a very materialistic culture. Assimilation into the dominant culture of iPhones, Jordan’s, etc can be necessary for socialization, even though it may seem unnecessary.

  2. I agree with what you are saying, Kezia. I believe that all humans have rights to clothing, food, and shelter, and if there is no possible way a person can provide these things for himself or his family (but he has at least tried), then I would say the government has a duty to help this person provide for himself and his family. However, I don’t think all humans have rights to things like iPhones or Jordans, and I don’t think these things are necessary for socialization. For this reason, I agree that there should be restrictions put on what can be done with governmental aids, or even requirements as to what must be done to receive aid.

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