The Meaning of Life According to Hinduism

In class this past week, we discussed the meaning of life. In this post, I would like to discuss the meaning of life based on Hinduism. According to Hinduism, the meaning (purpose) of life is four-fold: to achieve Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. The first, dharma, means to act virtuously and righteously. That is, it means to act morally and ethically throughout one’s life. However, dharma also has a secondary aspect; since Hindus believe that they are born in debt to the Gods and other human beings, dharma calls for Hindus to repay this debt. The five different debts are as follows: debt to the Gods for their blessings, debt to parents and teachers, debt to guests, debt to other human beings, and debt to all other living beings. The second meaning of life according to Hinduism is Artha, which refers to the pursuit of wealth and prosperity in one’s life. Importantly, one must stay within the bounds of dharma while pursuing this wealth and prosperity (i.e. one must not step outside moral and ethical grounds in order to do so). The third purpose of a Hindu’s life is to seek Kama. In simple terms, Kama can be defined as obtaining enjoyment from life. The fourth and final meaning of life according to Hinduism is Moksha, enlightenment. By far the most difficult meaning of life to achieve, Moksha may take an individual just one lifetime to accomplish (rarely) or it may take several. However, it is considered the most important meaning of life and offers such rewards as liberation from reincarnation, self-realization, enlightenment, or unity with God.

Having described the meaning of life according to Hinduism, I now briefly offer my thoughts on this subject matter. I feel that religion provides its followers a set of goals to achieve in life, and in doing so, provides a meaning to each follower’s life. Without such guidance, one would likely conclude that life is ultimately meaningless. Therefore, for those individuals in the world who feel that there is no meaning to life, is belief in a religious faith is all that is needed to change their minds?


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  1. I thought your post was really interesting and gave me a different religious perspective on the meaning of life. I agree that religion does give meaning to people’s life, no matter what religion it is. Its hard for me to believe that we were just put on this Earth to live and to leave just our legacy for future generations once we die.

    • Every one we free choice to belief it decide she/he to consider a majority because belief of all human is not controlling with other perspective.

      • Jomar that is absolutely correct , if you or any person does not learn the thing you were meant to from any situation either this one or any then you were not meant too but the universe will keep trying by putting things, situations , people in your life until you do if not this time the next life. Appreciate life itself while you are here , we are not here for that long and dont know how lucky we are becaue we won’t remember this life in our next one if and when that may be.. Go beyond the surface, if that makes any sense at all…✌️

    • To Kezia
      It sounds to me like you are on an endless search to understand what this earth, this wonderful creation and this combination of body, mind and life is all about. Your search seems to wish for a direction for life. Well, that is wonderful. As I understand it religions concentrate on believing in a true god, not a false one. Only whatever god one believes in is the true god for them. Any other is false and therefore followers should either be converted or eliminated.
      Unfortunately we humans once we have some knowledge of a god as revealed in a religion we find it hard to continue our search. God is not something we know anything about and therefore any search for a true god seems like a useless exercise to me. To pretend that you know which god is superior defeats human intelligence. I find it useful to search for a better way to live in this world, a more meaningful and productive life. To come to terms with myself, being more aware of what all is going on and having a calm mind works all the time. Mind management is vital.
      Religious teachings only make a person radical blocking the natural powers of the mind. Believing in a hell of heaven or a judgment day introduce unnecessary fear.

      • I am copying below a line you wrote above so you can re-read what you have written with the knowledge that you have quoted a path to self-realization perhaps without even knowing you have done so. Brilliant!

        “To come to terms with myself, being more aware of what all is going on and having a calm mind works all the time. Mind management is vital.”

        • Allow me to take the subject of mind management a little further. Humans as opposed to other beings are the only species with a mind that seems more evolved. Besides the mind humans also use a tool, a set of hands
          that are capable of so many actions that tails, hoofs, claws, teeth and beaks would never be capable of doing. Without the evolved mind a human would do either a good deed or do endless harm, either to others, nature or him/herself.
          Nature has not bestowed this gift to any other species. They in turn are therefore naturally controlled in what they may or may not do. They go to sleep after their stomach is full. Their need for such an evolved mind therefore is not there.
          The problem now to be addressed is how a human should behave to be able to do the right thing to get the right results and refrain from harmful activity. Well, humans over generations have been treated no different from animals, led by authority such as the a priest or a holy book to get any sense of semblance in life. Naturally then they have relied on something other than their own mind. They have forgotten how it is to be aware of what is going on. They are led by either the past or a dream in the future instead of living in the present. They are not able to use their sense of awareness and instead follow blindly, react or display compulsive behavior in place of a response that may be calculated and innocent. Awareness comes naturally if allowance is made.
          Without awareness humanity has caused immense harm to the environment and him/herself. Today it has become almost impossible to control human behavior if we see what all is going around. Besides climate change, immeasurable wealth in just a few hands (1% against the 99%) ,gripping starvation and diseases, shortage of clean drinking water, power and housing all over the world. Overlooking all these pressing problems the principal ideal of humans is directed towards a life in heaven, but only upon death. Life on earth has been declared and accepted as meaningless.
          Is that something that ever work?

          • You make it sound like the world is almost ruined ! The diseases, unclean water, gripping starvation, concentration of wealth, shortage of power and housing all over the word….get a grip on reality. We may be using up natural resources too rapidly (or not), but more people are living better now (1950-2020) than any time in history. When were antibiotics developed? Flush toilets? 40-hr (or less) work weeks. Compare life of the “common man” before 1700 to that of today; count your blessings!

          • Thank you Bramh Mishra that’s exactly what I needed to read on a quiet, early Sunday morning here in England.

            Makes a lot of sense.

            Thank you for sharing and enlightening me. I ended up here by a very odd dream last night in which a man came up to me and smiling placed his hand on my chest and said “Hello Mr Moksha” – very weird dream indeed.

          • Bramh, your comment was enlightening. Where did you learn all of this? I would like to dig deeper as I find that these kinds of topics allow me to better understand myself and the people around me. If you know of any books or people to look into, that would be great. Thanks!

      • Why Dharma comes in picture to pay the debts of life? Because those who are blessed with a life as humans not as animals or birds shows a specially favored category of life. Humans are provided with brains to think, plan, create, and live a more fulfilled life than any other species of living beings. for this favor we must pay our debt to God by serving Him.
        Sanwar Mishra

      • Why Dharma comes in picture to pay the debts of life? Because those who are blessed with a life as humans not as animals or birds shows a specially favored category of life. Humans are provided with brains to think, plan, create, and live a more fulfilled life than any other species of living beings. for this favor we must pay our debt to God by serving Him.

  2. Interesting.

    And what does a woman do when she is not the one ethically pursuing prosperity?
    There is no mention of women here.

    Can she also aim for moksha? Is she also permitted to be liberated, free from reincarnation?

    What I understand you to be saying here, is that the meaning of life derives from having goals, in this case goals specific to Hinduism. But if meaning is in having goals, rather than achieving them, then presumably any goals would do?

    • Men and women are considered to be equal in Hinduism.
      And these are the goals which basically constitute the your life. All the other goals which are relatively immaterial to your life when seen from the bigger perspective come under artha or pursuit of success

      • Do you practice Hinduism? If so I’m taking a religion class and have 3 questions that need answered to better understand Hinduism.

        • To Cassandra,
          As you have not posted the questions I have no way to offer much help. I would however venture and say that Hinduism is not only a religion ( in the same sense as other religions) but a way of life and no practice is needed at all. All you need is to develop a sense of awareness to live a life without hurting anyone including yourself as well as nature. A transformation of life may be a consideration. An ideology no matter what it is holds you back from seeking truth and looking for the best options available. That’s what Hinduism is all about. There is no prophet or messenger to look up to, a god or hell to fear or commandments to follow. It is completely democratic and human.
          Thank you

    • Hey… Soul is free from gender and after death our soul exists not our body moksha means “Aatma ka paramatma se milan”

      • i thought there was a heaven and hell in hinduism? also when you said “Humans being treated like animals” how is that so? not going against you or your words just curious… I see what you mean by the money to population thing but if people want to become rich that option is there it’s not like they can’t achieve that.

    • Goals are defined as the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. Goal setting is a process for thinking about your ideal future, and for motivating yourself to turn your vision of this future into reality. The process of setting goals helps you choose where you want to go in life.
      Desire is a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.
      There is a thin line of difference between desires and goals. Only those desires become your goals when you indeed strive for them till the last breath and never give up on them.

      Finding the meaning of life is not a goal. We humans theorize that the key aspect that underlies the boost in happiness is the orientation to a greater meaning or ultimate purpose in life. The tragic condition of humans is that our eyes have been so distracted by physical things and pleasure, that we have lost the ability to see the unseen.

      The sense of being “born again” is characteristic of religious and mystical experiences, but it can be extended to any experience where there is a strong sense of renewal after a tragic event. This often happens as a result of a debilitating sickness or a near-death experience. As an example, consider many of the people with terminal cancer at some hospital. Instead of being defeated by their illness, blaming God or the world, they exhibit a tremendous enthusiasm for life and an optimism that “all will be for the best.” The morale of the story is clear: challenges and tragedies can be seen not as obstacles to happiness, but rather as the means to achieve a deeper and more lasting happiness.

      What I want you to understand is that you can be whatever you want whenever you want. It isn’t necessary to have a goal when you are already satisfied with the present condition. For leading a meaningful life there isn’t any need to have goals. Don’t lose your time in finding the meaning of life. Instead live out every moment of your life to the fullest, show love and empathy towards others and let your karma be your guide. Because this is the only way that will make you realise the meaning of your life as some or the other point of time.

      The hinduistic touch of the above goals can be attributed to the hindu scholars, philosphers and writers. As the follower of a particular religion, you ought to draft goals and their meanings according to the religious outline. And who says about these goals being male specific? Everyone including women can attain enlightenment, moksha and liberation from reincarnation. See, there are a variety of religions in the world with varying beliefs; but ultimately every religion preaches love and peace as the ultimate path towards enlightenment and oneness with the almighty because before his eyes there is no discrimination be it rich or poor, white or black, fat or thin , men or women.

      • Well said but the sad fact as it appears is that there is no clarity in your outlook to differentiate dharma from religions. This is arrived at only by also reading the dictates of the Koran and the Bible, not by assuming that as a religious book they also have a massage of peace and equality

        Thanks for your cotribution

    • Hinduism is much beyond equality of man/woman. All beings are equal, in fact what they say is all things are divine (the totality that exists, the supreme being), there is nothing that is not conscious, because the supreme consciousness lives in everything..
      Every particle, however small, and every galaxy, however big, is sustained by this inherent supreme awareness.. that we call Braham (the greatest, the totality, the absolute reality or God).. God is in all things, all times before space/time can be defined.. “Isa Vasyam Idam Sarvam..” or Aham Brahamasmi or Tvam Tat Asi or “thou art that”.. are all very very old concepts coming from Hinduism at least from 900 BC Chandogya, Brihardaranayaka Upanishads..
      all life, even animals are eventually supposed to attain moksha.. the “Jeeva” or the living being in plant/animal/humans is going through the infinite experience, in this illusory world (Maya) as if in a dream/game/roller-coaster ride & eventually will merge in supreme consciousness.. Yoga is a way to make a short-cut and attain Moksha with faster speed.. as per Yoga philosophy, samadhi can save one million year of reincarnation or default progress:-)

    • Savita ji
      Hinduism speaks about atman. And we know Atman is energy not any gender. So duty is for Atman which is inside every human being. Everything is legal in Hinduism but within the boundary of dharma. But ultimate goal is to get moksha.

    • I think there is no mention of man either. There is no reference as he or she. It is referring to human beings which includes both man and woman.

    • In this article there is no mention of men specifically! Don’t make it seem sexist! He goal of life (not meaning of life) is for all humans despite their gender. I think everybody knows matter what religion it may be. Everybody can reach the stage of moksha, provided they are liberated. It doesnt only happen to a specific gender. Hinduism is not sexist, so people really need to change their views. All hindu texts and scriptures are NOT subjected to men only!

    • Raising a question that there is no mention how a woman can achieve Moksha?
      The subject is centered on life. Not man or woman. It applies to both.

  3. The meaning of life mentioned here as per Hinduism is for all living things not just for men n women.

    So women can also be liberated ,free from reincarnation..

      • In extraordinary circumstances, any creature can attain liberation irrespective of their body. However, a human birth is extremely valuable in that it gives one the power to think and plan. So a human being is much, much more likely to contemplate and achieve liberation. Among humans it is very rare that one even attempts, let alone achieves, liberation.

        • The difference between humans and other life needs clarification I think. Human act can or perhaps should always be with absolute awareness while other life is governed by compulsive behavior. Compulsive behavior means the ability to go beyond a certain limit comes into play after acts of survival and procreation

  4. To understand about liberation one must understand the entire process n meaning of hinduism first. Then 1 will know hw cat dog monkey get liberation

  5. Religions is only a way find a meaning to our life; nevertheless, it does not mean that the religion we practice is the true religion. in short, religion is like a pill to escape from reality and a wishful thinking to end the suffering of life. if we think about it, there is no escape for such of suffering. we are stuck in this world. life over all is meaningless and the only thing we can do to avoid such a meaningless life, it to live distracted all the time.

    • Wouldn’t it be great if the purpose of life is to live fully in the moment, to be fully where you are now? First, we in the West would need to overcome our distrust period. We distrust others, we distrust ourselves to just be, fearing that evil might emerge. It might, it might not. Even the Christian scriptures invoke an apprehension of “God” with the advice to “Be still and know”. Many Christians have replaced this wisdom with the folksy wisdom that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, locking into endless loops of thought, not allowing our innermost wisdom to emerge. I am saddened when my friends say they must have noise (I’m a music lover myself, with times of silence) because the quiet drives them crazy. Seems to me that attitude is a result of less than optimal conditioning.

      • to Phillip VanGarrick

        You nabbed it! That IS the purpose of life – if life can be said to have a purpose.

        You wrote “Many Christians have replaced this wisdom with the folksy wisdom that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, locking into endless loops of thought,”.

        They have replaced it simply out of ignorance. The deeper (higher) understanding of which Hinduism is the base, that of going beyond that ‘idle mind’ into silence in order to attain to moksha, is way further up the mountain of wisdom than Christianity has been able to go. They are stuck on a ridge somewhere just above the valley.
        OK, that would be fine if they were happy to sit and enjoy the view from there. But they do keep wanting to bring others down to their level.

        When ‘quiet drives your friends crazy’, it’s not the quiet that’s driving them crazy, is it? – as you know from enjoying silence. It’s the hullabaloo of their own ‘endless loops of thought’ that they can’t bear, and the music is there to blot it out.

        • Do you practice Hinduism? If so I’m taking a religion class and have 3 questions that need answered to better understand Hinduism.

        • To Savita
          It saddens me when we feel that we need to authenticate our religion by denigrating another. Your critique of Christianity reveals that you have not studied the depths of its spirituality. You prove what happens in the minds of so many humans; we are conditioned to champion our belief never truly experiencing the beauty of the other, attacking without truly understanding. Base humanity. There is beauty in all. G-d, Truth, and harmony are reaching out to touch you Savita.

          • Hinduism doesn’t try to promote itself by obliterating other religions, which Christianity and Islam actively pursue. It is them who need to understand other religions.

          • There are two kinds of religion.
            1.Man trying to reach God with his works.
            2 God reaching out to man in a relationship.
            In Hinduism and Islam people try to reach God with their works.However Christianity is a religion where Jesus Christ pursued a relationship with His human creations. Throughout the Bible Jesus invites His human creations to know that He is the Creator and to reconnect with Him since humans were separated from God because of their disobedience to His words.No place you could see Jesus compelling people to
            accept Him as their God. He has given us all the choice to pursue Him or the ones that we want to follow according to our wishes.
            However there are Christians who misrepresent Jesus at times. However any religion should not be evaluated based on the misrepresentation of it.
            Janaki, please try to understand Christianity and Islam through people who exercise it with its original teachings of Bible and Quran respectively! I would not try to understand Hinduism in its misrepresentation by some people rather I will look into the Vedas for the truth!

      • Indeed. The essence of life is in this present moment. The problem is time is a continuum going from past to future and the instant of present may be just a connotation or experience of the transition.
        Looking inwards is a great idea. Humans with our senses and integration in thought is largely outward focused.
        Try vipassana at
        A good introduction to oneself

      • Amen to that. Life continues to evolve as do we I grew up Catholic and have kept the values that remind me to respect others I have since learned that respect begins with me which I had never heard as a child. As life continues to change I am fascinated by the challenges it offers to bring a balance to living a healthy physical, mental and spiritual life

    • That’s not quite right. Hear me out. Religions delude a person. They make him rigorous. Religious people make camps on their way and even if God comes people won’t listen to them. Bcoz thei religion prohibits them. There is escape from suffering. If thought Human birth has its advantages. Gods in Heaven thrive for Human birth as knowledge can be possessed by becoming a human. Right now normally people start under Maya( illusion created by Vishnu so people find it hard to get salvation). Maya cuases suffering. Another aspect of Hinduism is to get rid of Maya. And that can be done by chanting Hare Krishna Mantra which is most powerful mantra in Hinduism

  6. moksha (Sanskrit: मोक्ष mokṣh), vimoksha, vimukti, mukti, the experience of blissful egolessness, nirvana, imperturbable stillness of mind after the fires of desire, aversion and delusion have been finally extinguished, emancipation, liberation or release. The biggest challenge of the life. This book is to help all those who are ready to accept this biggest challenge of how to attain moksh. मोक्ष म्हणजे काय, मोक्ष कसा मिळेल, मोक्ष कसा मिळवावा, यासाठी हे पुस्तक.

  7. This article is not well written and shows the author is unclear about Hindu philosophy. All Hindus believe they are inherently divine as opposed to Christians where they are made to believe they are born sinners. Hindus believe they are all children of God just as the wave belongs to a larger ocean – a human beings belongs to all pervading Brahman. It’s when a human forgets he is inherently divine, he accumulates negative Karma and he takes many births to fulfil this. It takes him many births to get enlightened and to realise he is actually one with God, the cycle of re-birth stops and he reaches moksha which is end of cycle of rebirth and finally belongs again to all prevailing -all pervading Brahman! There is no heaven or hell for Hindus and neither is God an angry -external God. Concept of God is common to all race,all beings and cosmos(living/non living) and God is actually all prevailing. Many Hindus may be too lazy to read Hinduism books and but love to write blogs but the fact that Hindus love all races and are all friendly and are easy going people is because Hindus do not indulge in hierarchy of religions as ultimately all are children of God. Some racist people like to insult Hindus by talking about caste-system:- it’s important to know that higher caste were simply more spiritually inclined and actually lived more poorly this is complete opposite of European heiarchy that was based on money!

    • Mr. Juneb, you have captured the essence of Hinduism in such beautifully concise form that is so deeply meaningful. I express my sincere thanks.

      • Do you practice Hinduism? If so I’m taking a religion class and have 3 questions that need answered to better understand Hinduism.

        • To Cassandra Hensley

          I must acknowledge your innocence
          Santan Dharma is a natural and eternal human process based on the spirit of enquiry, self enquiry not dogma, no prophets, no specific holy scripture, no commandments, no heaven or hell and no god or gods. Hinduism is hinduness or how a Hindu should lead his / her life. To be a Hindu does not involve conversion or any ritual, not even a agent to convert. It is essentially how one lives from day to day, and how one manages their mind. It has nothing to do with being born in a certain country or religion. The true purpose of human life therefore is to get to know yourself better and better, improve, enlighten and transform, to move from the pleasures of life to experience not joy but Ananda or bliss.
          Easily said but perhaps lifetimes to achieve. If you have questions, cell number: 832 868 5656 direct

    • Such a great understanding and explanation. I am a Hindu but I hardly know anything abt Hinduism. But I have an interest to learn and I agree this blog is not well written.

    • Fair observation but not really widely taken among practising Hindu. My own view is that ..
      1. Humans are not children of God. Derived from God in a relationship that is not akin to parent-child
      2. Purpose of life over multiple retry (can call it rebirth) is to evolve consciousness beyond body to reach back to origin (God, creator or Brahman)
      3. Karma the Cause-Effect mechanism facilitates my path. The biological evolution is a background process (incidentally process of evolution is part of Science…. the purpose is consciousness)
      4. Gods or demi-gods are other life forms of higher science, technology or consciousness in this process. They are much more evolved than humans
      5. Brahman the ultimate SATYA or truth is non-interventionist. He, She or It is the process owner of Karmic cycle and is Sakshki (witness or observer)
      6. All rituals are i) Regulatory methods; ii) Psychological mechanisms; iii) Adaptation of few historical beliefs of success stories(from great Gurus or Prophets); or iv) Some trials or success methods to contact demigods.
      7. The entire effort is Quest or investigating the creation. It is less of a fixed doctrine.
      8. It is both a TOP-DOWN and BOTTOM-UP methodology.
      Dharma-Artha-Kama-Moksha are socio religious doctrine for sustenance of the quest of Liberation or Moksha. Lot of great thought has gone in with very fine detail (bottom-up) and grand unification (top-down). Postulating multiple universes (multiverse) is very prolific.
      It is a great opportunity to be a Hindu.

    • Christians are not made to believe they are sinners,they know they are sinners because they sin every day of their life. They(Hindu,s) having a sinful nature they do not understand call it something else,anything else to not have to deal with it.If you can be a happy pedophile ,it shows how deep into the abyss you have gone.The Bible explains where EVil comes from and people find the explanation exactly as they see their hearts when put under the xray of the word of God.Christians acknowledge the problem and take Gods provided remedy,which is the shed BLOOD OF GODS ONLY SON to pay the price for all the sins of Humanity, In Christianity ,the movie of my life is only lived once and played once, at Jesus final Judgement.Christians have the perfect FIX for their problem and it was totally provided by the God of the Universe who lives outside and independent of His Creation.He can do with His Creation as He wishes since He made it,set the rules for its operation,rewards and demerits for failure to obey his commands. He doesn,t boss people around,He wishes only that Humans respond in Love for the Love He has shown Humanity.


      • SIN is not strictly reflected in Hinduism. There are 2 other terms – Dharma and Adharma; Punya and Paapa.
        Core tenets I see are:
        1. Brahman is absolute truth and it forms an absolute derivative of itself, called Atma (Not strictly the same idea as Soul). Atma has consciousness and Brahman has universal consciousness (no space-time-context limitation). Atma takes the body to enhance its limited consciousness towards the eternal (Atma Gyana). In this process, the Atma takes many births with a material body to achieve divinity.
        2) Karma is the theory of Cause-Effect. The universe is driven by this. Good or Bad, Pious or Sinful, Dharma or Adharma – all generate effects. Every life form is mandated to Karma (tasks) to survive and to enhance its consciousness. The idea of “Selfish Gene” (1976 book by Richard Dawkins), explains how the Atma through various births and deaths evolve into organisms capable of higher consciousness. The KARMIC theory is universally applicable. Sinful actions (eg. pedophiles) will create their own degradational effect, and Pious actions progradational.
        3. Every life form (Atma) has an equal and voluntary capacity to attain Brahman. There are no special people in Hinduism. A free-will determines what everyone chooses to do with their life. Karmic theory determines where the move to. There are no unquestionable ‘prophets’ or ‘divine’ characters. Krishna was questioned in his lifetime and continues to be interrogated today. Being equal, the doctrine of Hinduism is a truly ‘Equal Opportunity’ system. Numerous examples showcase this (eg Kabir, Surdas, Sankaracharya, Valmiki, etc.)

        Humans are given choice to determine their path of enhancement. There are no wrong or right approaches. That is why there are so many diverse religions embedded within Hinduism. So many Gods and rituals. It is one’s choice and wisdom!

        • To me there appears a confusion regarding Atma and soul. Writer says Atma is not soul. Whereas Atma is a sanskrit word and soul is an english word. The purpose of soul meaning Atma is to meet the super-soul called Parmatma.

  8. I started reading this article followed by comments of different people to know the answer for the basic questions.
    1 – What is life ?
    2 – What is / are the objective(s) of human life ?
    The scientific definition of life – ” A thing is live if it has motion”. The motionless things are perceived to be dead. Does it mean that a person lying sick in coma has got life although she / he is cut off from the world.
    Can life be categorised as Active or inactive or there is a different meaning of life in spiritual and religious terms.

    • LIFE — even after the creation of synthetic life forms, is undefined. It is cyclically described.
      Life is consciousness – Then the problem shifts to what is consciousness
      There are two other terms defying definitions or evidence in modern science. Dark Matter, Dark Energy are these. We are told to believe that these two dominate the universe and determines (past, present, and future) the buildup of the Universe. Anisotropy in Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) to faster expansion are ascribed to this unknown.
      Are LIFE and DARK MATTER/ DARK ENERGY related?
      I imagine that LIFE is a specific nature of manifestation (or interaction) of dark matter/ energy with white matter (Body).
      Practical terms: Life, which is consciousness is essentially the ‘memory’ of living organisms. What am I without my memory? Everything from my identity, capability, beliefs, relations are all memory-based. Substituting my memory with Sharma’s or Shamin’s or the pet dog Goofy’s will completely remove my frame of reference or action.
      As there is no proof of any consciousness after death, life is memory and ends with death. It may be driven when the dark matter/ energy disassociate with the white matter (body).

    • What Mr. Srikant is saying, is displaying his confused knowledge about the subject. The problem with him is that he is advocating so boldly on things he does not know. I am sorry to say that.

  9. thank you for posting these sumary of hindu beliefs. I have been studying and practicing hinduism for the past 3 years now. I’m currently reading “The science of self realization”’ and “The journey to self discovery” by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Bhagavad-gita, and suggest that you read them as well as they are highly informative. here is a list of other books he has written. Also I have seen the Documentary of Paramahansa Yogananda who also has an autobiography called “ Autobiography of a Yogi” and I would like to suggest that you see and read that too. He taught Kriya Yoga.
    here are some BOOKS by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Bhagavad-gita As It Is Srimad-Bhagavatam, Cantos 1-10 (50Vols.) Sri Caitanya-caritaffi\”ta ( 17 Vols.) Teachings of Lord Caitanya The Nectar of Devotion The Nectar oflnstruction Sri Isopani�ad Easy Journey to Other Planets Kr�Q.a Consciousness: The Topmost Yoga System Kp�I).a, the Supreme Personality of Godhead (3 Vols.) Perfect Questions, Perfect Answers Dialectical Spiritualism-A Vedic View of Western Philosophy Teachings of Lord Kapila, the Son of Devahuti Transcendental Teachings of Prahliid Maharaja Kr�Q.a, the Reservoir of Pleasure The Science of Self-Realization Preaching Is the Essence Life Comes From Life The Perfection of Yoga Beyond Birth and Death On the Way to Kr�Q.a Geetar-gan (Bengali) Raja-vidya: The King of Knowledge Elevation to KrsnaConsciousness Kr�Q.a Conscious . ness: The Matchless Gift Back to Godhead Magazine (Founder) A complete catalog is available upon request. Bhaktivedanta Book Trust 3764 Watseka Avenue Los Angeles, California 90034

    • Seeking kama is also one of the four aspects in hinduism its same as you enjoy a ride on your bicycle early morning,going out for a long journey or sitting at home bieng happy and having fun about it last but not the least kama means enjoyment without replacing moral values i could use that

    • Diwali is a festival, a celebration for a great harvest, just enjoy it.
      Hindus follow the essence of Sanatan Dharma which is not a religion as most people would like to understand it. There is no faith involved, no dogma, or do’ and dont’s like in religions. The idea of dharma is to seek the truth, the ultimate truth which should lead an individual to moksha, or an end to the cycle of birth and death. Hindus believe in karma and reincarnation which means that unless you reach the point of moksha you are recycled to put it very simply. Religions declare they have THE TRUTH and each religion flaunts its own set of truths. ( This creates hatred instead of unity)
      To a Hindu the body is just a shell, a vehicle to contain the self, the jiva atma. The mind is not the self because it only directs the body to carry out functions as it wishes. The mind needs control and supervision at all times or it easily gets diverted to outward senses like sight, sound, taste and touch. By awareness of looking inwards a degree of control is slowly achieved, a certain amount of self enlightenment may happen and may progressively grow. You could then be on the path of moksha. It’s a long road with the game of snakes and ladders over life times.

  10. Moksha is through Jesus christ. He laid his life on cross so that we may have moksha through him. Try reading bible your eyes will be opened. Don’t mistake me i am not highlighting Christianity but JESUS CHRIST… Please go through bible once and know wat it tells about moksha.

    • Sorry, Sir. We don’t need Jesus Christ nor any other so-called god to achieve moksha. I wish it were so easy.
      Nor do we need any book, for that matter. On the contrary, it is the books that get in the way….
      What we need is silence, silence completely free of books or gods or dictates of sutras or endless chapter and verse…. all devices to distract us from the moksha we long for, which is nothing but silence, unadulterated emptiness…
      Complicated, isn’t it?

      • silence is connecting to God in the most highest form.It is the Atma or the soul that is within us is through god.When you feel your breath while sitting in silence is the energy of GOD.Why do YOGIS sit in silence? Why do people meditate? To find inner peace and knowledge.Inner peace is once self connecting to god.That is where true happiness comes from.

  11. You mean You don’t need God? So death is the ultimate moksha you are waiting for isn’t it? I can figure out you are still on the way of learning about moksha. And i wonder why people misinterpret bible in there on way, Philip mentioned that God said to “Be still and know ” .. i mean know what ?? Here is what the scripture says “”Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”” ( Psalms 46 : 10 ) . Humans so far have tried to picture God in their own way without actually knowing who he really is. Miss Savita may be you have tried a lot of books, scriptures and never found what Moksha really is.. I suggest you please give a try to Bible once try to understand what it says i assure that you will be satisfied reading it.. May God reveal himself to you… wish you all the best.

    • Hello Enosh…
      I said nothing about not needing God – whatever God means. I said I do not need the Bible, nor any other book, to reach silence. Nor do we need Jesus Christ. There is a massive gulch between a book and God.

      I would also maintain that the Christian God has little or nothing to do with the Hindu meaning of moksha – though what ‘God’ is, is open to interpretation.

      Do not worry about whether I have read the Bible. I come from a Christian culture and the Bible is in my bones. I know it well, and the St James’ version is a beautiful piece of literature and wisdom – parts of it, at least. (I would not recommend Leviticus for a smooth read, however!) But though I’m well aware that Christians would have you believe that God can only be reached via its stories and dictates, in my opinion, the Bible has nothing to do with God as such.

    • May be humans don’t need God. Or the God herself (himself or itself) is a non interfering observer. He the process owner of these creation and possible empowered the life to seek the wisdom on its own. I learnt about it as Sakshi – witnesses or scrupulous observer.
      Hinduism is not Theism no one doctrine binds it. It is a continuum of learning experiencing and elevating.
      Possibly Jesus is one who achieved such wisdom (consciousness). Buddha is another such. But each of other humans have to discover their own path of salvation. Following Jesus Buddha or Krishna is a choice but there is no way to 100% emulation as each life is different!

      • Hi Srikanth
        You have mentioned “Hinduism is not Theism no one doctrine binds it. It is a continuum of learning experiencing and elevating.“ It looks to me the term “elevating” means you getting closer to your God. If you need to elevate yourself to God means, is this an effort of yourself or combined effort of God and you?
        Why do you need to elevate to God?
        Why don’t your Gods come closer to you?

        • Elevating is used similar to ‘evolution’ in essence. There is no strict direction to this path!
          In ‘evolution’, somewhere it had come into belief that there is some ‘progress’. From primitive life to forms of present day (humans), a hidden conjecture of some advancement is embedded. There may be really no evidence or measure for such. New research on how many bacteria cells exist on human body, point to the earth being ruled by bacteria?
          Following Plato, the concept of ‘Brahman’ is Pure Reason, Unchanging Truth and Ultimate Reality.
          The quest is to attain that. May be it can surely come closer to the seeker!
          Subscribing to the idea – “no two butterflies have fluttered the same way in this earth”, the impossibility of 100% emulation of anyone else’ life is the conjecture. Therefore, while the great persons have walked a path of ‘elevation’, it cannot be replicated.

        • God (he, she or it) is seen as non interfering observer. Therefore, there is no clear response of it (he or she) to get closer or farther. Elevation is purely one’s personal progress (change) towards what each thinks as salvation or goal of life!

    • Death is not moksha. Death is only for the body which is bound by law of physics on earth such as gravity, growth and decay.

    • Bible is all about fear so that humble people follow the book, get converted and empower Christianity. The essence of humanity is within you and has to be revealed not by another but yourself. Look within. you are the energy that has no bounds unless you impose one. That’s dogma. If you think heaven is a better place to be you should hurry up and go there. Every moment of your life is wasted on earth as you delay. Others would be happy here without you.

      • Hello Bramh,

        how long do you think you are going to live? 70 years, 80 years? thousands of years back, the average life span of man was 120 to 200 years, some years back even more, these days if you live above 70, its a bonus.
        don’t you think, after doing everything, it is time to return to the creator.
        do you want to come back to this earth? or spend eternity with the creator?
        we humans are nothing but breath or a spirit /soul in a body.
        Yes we have intelligence, and that intelligence is to choose between good and bad.
        we do not want to kill, murder unnecesarily or have lust or sleep with some other married man or woman, or excess greed etc…
        This world is a passing phase for our eternal life..
        we need to accept a creator or his house is our final destination.
        and we need to be as good as we can in this world , so that our soul doesnt face hell, or purgatory, even purgatory although it is a purification process it is quite painful it seems. The road to heaven is very narrow and perhaps only a few reach it in first shot.

        Good Luck.

  12. Reply to Enosh & Thanks to Savita
    Religions no matter which one are all man made. One of the best Christian teachings claims
    ” search and thou shalt find”. To me that would mean using a book like Bible is only an aid to open up your mind so that you may look beyond a book. Lets not forget if the Bible or for that matter any religious book that claims to be written by god himself can only be a hollow claim as the Bible has so many versions and gets revised much too frequently. Does god do that or is it someone feeling a little uncomfortable about the older version.
    Friends the mind is god made, the Bible is not. Religion only divides humanity with hatred for those who do not subscribe to THE one exclusive faith. Conversion is for the power hungry and a convenient excuse to eliminate unbelievers one way or another. Christianity and Islam the religions that convert have used this method and fine tuned it to dominate the world. I understand conversion as the greatest sin.
    Allow me pose a question for believers:
    “If god is the only creator of humans he or she must be making a huge mistake all the time giving birth to those who do not accept and also challenge THE exclusive faith”
    Just wash your mind each day to remove the dirt that easily accumulates there and reset it to harmonize with nature. Live in the present not the past or dream of the future. Be open to what this wonderful world has to offer in so many ways. That all is also created by god.

    • “” search and thou shalt find”. To me that would mean using a book like Bible is only an aid to open up your mind so that you may look beyond a book.”

      Totally agree, Brahm Mishra. All texts, be they Bhagavad Gita, the Vedas or the Bible, are there to point beyond themselves.
      There is a problem with the Bible though…. In parts it points beyond itself – a finger pointing at the moon – but search elsewhere, and it takes a tight grip on its reader and won’t let you go. Then, gone is the moon! Now we are stuck with the finger.

      • Its an endless search. The search is for oneness and unity with all there is. Its is called yoga. The Bhagvat Gita points to a search at all times so your saying that ” search and you shall find’ is most appropriate.

  13. With regards, you said there are different version of bible and u are right, A better word than “version” is “translation”. The Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew and the New Testament in Greek. If every man could read Hebrew and Greek, then we would have no need for an “English version”. Most people can’t read Greek, “It’s all Greek to me”! We must rely, therefore, upon men who are fully fluent in English and Greek to translate. It is one bible translated in different languages. you can’t judge the book by its cover, you will have to go through to know how wonderful the bible is. Its a bread of life to those who hunger for life. The most wonderful part of bible is its says about past, about our present, and the future, future of humankind is written in the bible,
    You are absolutely wrong if u think i m introducing a religion, no i m not interested in religion either, I m interested in having a relationship, relationship with GOD who created everything and the relationship is through Jesus christ. God did not gave us a religion, religion were made by humans, but God gave his son “Jesus”, whosoever believe in him shall not perish but will have an eternal life. Topic was on Moksha ( salvation) and yes i m interest on that, the ultimate peace. Jesus is the prince of peace. All the thoughts of human mind, all the ideas, languages will fade away, But the word of God will stand forever. Let me quote it ” It is not the merely humans words that can describe how God is but the Power of God that reveal himself who he is”. If u are an atheist and u say There is no God, well that’s a different case.
    Have a great day.

    • Although I agree with everything Brahm Mishra says, you are right, Enosh, he is mistaken about the ‘versions’ of the Bible. These versions are merely different, often updated, translations.

      As to your comments, Enosh… all this is fine, except the notion that the (only) “relationship with GOD…is through Jesus Christ”.
      It is the Bible, and the Bible alone, that tells us that “God gave his son ‘Jesus’,” and told us that “whosoever believe in him shall not perish but will have an eternal life.”
      What a powerful bit of blackmail that line is!
      Who, after all, does not want to have ‘eternal life’?
      So, quick! Better hunker down and believe in this Jesus guy, just in case I miss out on eternal life!

      Sorry, but it just doesn’t work like that, though it is the Church who would have you believe it does.

      If there is such a thing as eternal life, it does not come through any person other than oneself – no Jesus, no personal God, but something called moksha, the original topic of this thread.

      • Hi Savita,
        Eternal life that comes from Jesus is different from Moksa that you want to attain.
        You believe that your God has called you for Moksa after your physical death.
        But Christians believe the eternal life starts from the moment they receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior right down on this earth.
        They go through a spiritual death when they receive Jesus Christ and the physical death that they face later prepares them for the “ bodily resurrection” when Jesus Christ comes later on the earth for everyone irrespective of what Gods they believed in. Bible says that everyone will be resurrected. For Christians that will be a moment to see whom
        they believed before their physical death is true God and for everyone who did not believe in Jesus is to know that Jesus is the true God!
        So my question to you is” What does the Hindu Gods tell about Christians when Hindu souls go through reincarnation?”
        The reason behind my question is,Bible tells the condition of people who will die as Christians as well non- Christians in after life. Because Jesus the God of Bible cares for all whether Christians or non Christians and tells the remedy to see the true God. In deed He claims that He is the only true God.
        But do the Hindu Gods cares about the after life of non Hindus?. If so what is the remedy do they have for non Hindus?

        • Molly,
          All you are saying is that belief is essential and without it nothing happens. I understand that belief is essential for the simple minded, not for others who wish to search for a better answer to human life. You can fool people one time but to fool them all the time should not work.
          If you get blindfolded its one thing but to blindfold yourself is foolish.

          • Hi Bramh, Jesus tells all humans are sinners by birth, in a way blindfolded to Truth. So knowing Him as our Savoir is to remove that blindfold but not the other way!

  14. To bramh mishra

    Your perception that Conversion is for the power hungry and a convenient excuse to eliminate unbelievers one way or another. Christianity and Islam the religions that convert have used this method and fine tuned it to dominate the world, needs correction. The religion of Christ ( Peace be upon him) became a political power only when it was embraced by the Roman Emperor and his people. Until then it was religion of poor and oppressed people. How do you believe that poor and oppressed Christians could have applied power of intimidation on such mighty Roman empire to make it convert to Christianity? In fact the religion of Christ ( peace be upon him) had in that era an intrinsic force of appeal that worked on Roman Empire. Now, while hundreds of churches are closing down in transatlantic nations, Islam is the fast expanding religion. Again Islam in Transatlantic nations is religion of poor Muslim immigrants, who accounti for only 2, 3 , or 5 percent of native population and have no power of intimidation to apply. Yet native Christians are embracing Islam. Again it is the intrinsic force of appeal that is working. Unlike Hinduism that divides humanity in four vertical classes of honour and rights, Islam says Man is vicegerent of Allah on this Earth, and so every human being is entitled to same honour and rights. Being vicegerent of Allah means the purpose of human life is to worship and obey Allah in all walks of life, to take care of himself,his family,his clan, his neighbourhood, and humanity according to the will and dictates of Allah. Spread all what is good and stop all what is evil. So with intrinsic force of appeal has always been working behind conversions. It is not the work of power hungry people.

    • Dr Tahir talks about Allah and all that and claims he knows better.
      Dr Tahir please try to understand what you say is just a simple and innocent belief. Nothing more. Religions direct one to ONLY believe. Discover reality for yourself, you have a mind don’t you then there is no reason not to use it. Your mind is the greatest gift of the Creator bestowed on you. Forget the word God which is an invention by religions. That is not in anyone’s reality or experience other than through belief.

    • Why is there inner fighting in Islam today when it is suppose be a religion of peace? What peace when masses were converted or killed?

  15. Nowadays social networks and instant messaging dominated the world communication system. People’s now like to chat with friends, family and loved one and they are used so many slangs and abbreviations every day.
    HMU meaning on FB

  16. Hi friends, I have some idea on “Meaning of Life according to Hinduism” and i would like to share in this platform. I have read various scriptures of Hinduism as Srimad Bhagawadam, Bhagawad Gita from various authors and the original ones. I have also gone through innumerable websites of Hinduism spiritual teachings. One is the etc.
    From my insight of the many online books and purchased books from ISKON, RAMAKRISHNA MISSION, etc i have come to the conclusion from my small foresight and understanding that, the true meaning of life as per Hinduism is to get God. In more simple words, we all human beings may it be Hindu, Muslim, Christians, Sikhs, Isaiah etc are born for the sole purpose of attaining the Almighty God(God hear means the one and only one God which we call by various names as Allah, Krishna, Rama, Rahim, Kali, Jesus etc.). Now you may be confused what does attaining God means, in broader terms it is difficult to explain in this simpler platform. But in brief words, to attain god means to realize the temporary nature of material pleasures and ask and attain the unlimited bliss or ananda or happiness from the spiritual world by associating with our true nature. Our true nature is bliss or unlimited ananda or unlimited happiness that cannot be comprehended by the material senses . This happens by realization of soul and meaning of life according to Hinduism means to get freedom from unlimited cycle of birth and death and go back to the realm of God and remain with him eternally where there is no sickness, no death, no birth, no lusty desires, no competition; only service to the Allmight lord Krishna(Narayan) and getting immense pleasures by serving the Lord.

    if there is any doubt in this regard, you people are free to contact me by giving ur opinions in this platform .

    • Hi Chumki,
      I appreciate your knowledge of knowing Hindu scriptures Bhagawad Gita extensively.
      You have mentioned”(God hear means the one and only one God which we call by various names as Allah, Krishna, Rama, Rahim, Kali, Jesus etc.)”
      Is that your personal opinion or the teaching of Gita?

  17. Hello everyone,

    I just want to say I enjoyed everyone’s comments on this board, some made me laugh very much(pro Christians and Muslim posts)

    I just want to add my 2 cents worth of information.

    Religion is not meant to be studied from a book, i agree it is a good starting point. it is meant to be practiced through a guru or a spiritual master who has realized the Brahman, all pervading super soul who resides within every human, animal, and material and non material things. This world is a maya, an illusion made possible by the all powerful mother Vishnu and father Vishnu. You can experience that realization by direct practice in kundalini yoga under the guidence of a competent guru who has been through it. I have to warn the reader that mother kundalini will take you at the edge of life’s end and bring you back so you may be a tool to work for her as a loyal son or daughter serves his or her family dutifully after the son/daughter realize who has Been with them in good and bad times, life after life.

    In conclusion, at the end of the journey to awaken the kundalini, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. I promise you that my friends. You do not have to retreat in the Himalayas to find this teacher, just close your eyes while sitting in a quiet room, focus on your breath, and the sound of OM. The teacher resides within you. Search my friends inside your self , and you will find your god, your Krishna, allah, or Jesus.

      • But then the Bible claims Christ died for the sins of all humanity. I would understand that to mean that all births taking place after that date would be free of sins past or future.! Its double speak to also claim conversion wiping out all sins when sins have already been wiped out on the cross.

      • We are not born in debt, due to our senses and desires we become obligated to debt; we just cannot take and never return. The moment we desire to take we become indebted; this is what it means to born in debt. Just live desireless do your duties towards all existence around you and become free, this is called Moksha, free from birth and death, ever-existing Atman.

        • The concept of Christianity is that God made this world, he is a powerful spirit, Almighty, all knowing. God made man in his own image and likeness. Which means He doesnt look to different from us perhaps. He made man out of the earth, and put his breath into us. Ofcourse he did not give us his intelligence, only a part of it and he gave us a soul, mind, intellect in a body.
          But when man disobeyed him and fell into temptation by Satan, God felt sad and he cast away his beloved creation from Paradise where everything from free for, plants, water, springs, a beautful world,

          After he was cast away from paradise, man had to do everything himself, find his own food, etc, gradually sin increased, man killing his own brother, lust, greed, gluttony, man also started worshipping other idols he himself made, idols if brass, animals, etc, there was slavery, sexual sins, deceit, treacherous rulers etc…

          after sometime people wanted to know if there is a true God , then he should reveal himself, so God said he would send them someone from Himself, who would talk like him, who would heal the sick, raise the dead, who would say his own Words, and this man was Jesus. Born out of the spirit of God and conceived in the womb of a Virgin.

          When Jesus died on the cross, blood and water gushed forth from his body as a fountain of mercy for mankind.

          God said, this is my son with whom i am well pleased. All authority in heaven and earth is given to him. Ask anything of him in my Name and it shall be done for you. But you must believe.

          So Jesus ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father.

          He will judge the living and the dead.
          we are all born only to worship one Creator, the creator of the heavens and the earth to whom all things belong.
          The God of the Christians is a merciful God, a loving God and he promised no more floods, famines pestilences which he used to send previously out of anger on his people.

          we got to analyse whether Covid 19 is from him, is he angry with humans again?

  18. “According to Hinduism, the meaning (purpose) of life is four-fold: to achieve Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha”. How do these four items work under destiny? Destiny means we do not have freewill, life is precisely planned, and can be exactly predicted by any high level yogi. Here is an example of such a prediction.

    EXAMPLE: Pat Norris came to see a yogi, visiting USA from India, during the early 1970s. When she entered the office of the yogi, he told Pat to ask seven questions and one by one she did. Then the yogi picked up a paper from his desk, turned it upside down, and gave that to her. In that paper all her questions were already written along with their answers.

    For more on destiny take a look at

  19. I did not read all the comments. I thought the original comments thoughtful & worthy. Was service & its base compassion missing in the goals? Perhaps by debt this meant “service” to all. I know I owe because of my actions in the material world & what others gave/give me. But my compassion is from my consciencesness, Self. It’s not a debt. It’s what I must give. It is my Dharma.

    • To Anil Ambani

      All religions are the same is indeed a true statement but religions are not dharma. Having said that I must also add that there are religions within dharma, religions like Arya Samaj, Swami Narayan, etc. etc.
      Religions are man made while dharma is not, it follows a natural and universal path for humanity to evolve. The foundation of dharma is truth and justice without injury to life either human, animal or plant and nature. This is only possible with full awareness. It is only with dharma one may fulfill enlightenment.
      In contrast religions other than dharmic or vedic religions have no restraints, logic or reason. Blind belief in a prophet like Jesus or Mohammad is all they rely on. Followers are led to trust and accept only what the clergy teaches, no questions asked. They are led to believe in a reserved seat in some elusive heaven or an everlasting penalty in hellfire. So far there has been no evidence of either heaven or hellfire. Satellites have failed.
      Religions could be said to fully depend on only compulsive behavior.

  20. Please don’t take this in a negative way, for, i am, just an observer a witness if you will. This is not such an enlightened conversation from my point of observation…… The true nature of reality is beyond conceptualization….Joseph Campbell use to say, “your concept of God is you final barrier to God.” All religion is an attempt to conceptualize God or reality…(same thing) and the message is much the same across the board. Jesus said, “the kingdom of God is within you.” That’s about as Hindu, Buddhist, Zen as you can get. What if Jesus was the reincarnation of Buddha ? Religion is not the problem, its the inability to die to self……and we have to die many times before ego can be transformed… gain life we must loose it….there is no separation only the illusion of separation..(maya) To penetrate maya all sense of a separate self must be transcended.

  21. Great article, but I have a question. Hinduism, that’s not even a sanskrit word, as I understand the Vedas talk about Sanatana-dharma and there’s never a mention of Hinduism. And that Sanatana-dharma applies directly to the atman’s duty/position. Hence it applies to all human beings all over the world, regardless of race, gender, or culture. That the constitutional position of spirit soul or atman and Bhagavan is the same for everyone. And applying this concept in your religion which ever you decide to practice, be it Hinduism as coined by the Mohamedans, or Christianity or Islam, Judaism, whichever this principle only enhances one’s practice and enables one to re-establish or reconnect to Bhagavan, and that’s how one receives Moksha. Isn’t it?

    • to Pushpanjali,
      It seems like you have interest in learning more about what life is, or better still what human life is. I do not know how much time and interest you have or your age etc. What I think may help develop clarity is going to your UTUBE video – Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudeva. He is a visionary.
      You may also read up on history to find details about genocide by Islam and Christianity all over the world to forcefully establish blind belief systems for greed and power. They believed this as their new faith in a one god and understood it as superior. Two thousand years ago there was no Christianity or Islam. Judaism and other so called religions of the world before AD had no interest in conversion, only teachings.
      Desert religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam continued their culture of killings for food and water while others had lesser problems of survival and as a result did not have to kill anyone. Instead, early humans in countries where there was sufficient rainfall and therefore abundant food spent time to investigate what life was all about. This explains real difference between religions and Dharma. Europe was a killing field over centuries to establish Christianity. The Middle East converted to Islam beginning with killings in Mecca by Mohammad himself.
      The word Hindu was first used by people who visited Bharat from outside. They had lost their identity as humans and called themselves either Christians or
      Mohammedans. It is they who labelled the people of Bharat as Hindu meaning people who lived around the river Sindhu. Sindhu became Hindu and the word India emerged with the British.
      Sanatan means eternal, natural and universal, non faith with reason, logic and common sense.

  22. Wania wants everyone to Read the Quaran and convert to Islam.
    It leaves me wanting to find that in today’s world of questions and solutions all for good reason you want everyone to follow a doctrine. A doctrine that is so unclear and debatable, worth very, very little as demonstrated by the adherents of Islam itself. They are all killing one another in the name of Quaran itself. And they have been killing one another from the advent of Islam. No one knows what is reason and what is peaceful. They seem to have failed common sense and humanity itself.
    The Creator has given you and all of us something more than any doctrine. It is the unlimited and boundless human mind. You and others neglect that and follow a doctrine that leads you nowhere. The human mind is above all else.
    I have a good suggestion for you. Please give yourself a chance to understand life itself and arrive at common sense answers for your problems. Forget doctrine of any kind. Be human for a change.

    • Rightly said!

      Human beings are making lives hell on Earth for an unseen ‘heaven’ after death.

      If everyone is conscious about humanity, nature and justice (core entities of Dharma) and works towards it – we all humans can create heaven right here on Earth!

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  24. Hi can anyone provide me with books and research papers on the concept of purpose of life, concept of death and concept of afterlife in hinduism.

    • Sana Khan
      While I thank you I must say that your question is based on your adopted religion and faith. I guess you have never looked beyond faith or science for any answer. I am sorry but faith and science have little to do with either life or death. Science mainly relates to something physical while faith is adopted from parents, society, culture or country. Once an identity is established in the mind it is hard to question it, let alone oppose it or remove it.
      I would request you to please read some of the earlier posts and search your own mind for an answer that suits you. Dogma and ideology as a following are useless.
      Hinduism is living a life based on dharma. It is no religion and essentially means living a conscious life ( not compulsive). Dharma is exploring for a universal and natural path to life in all and every human endeavor, Artha and Kama to attain Moksha or Nirvana.

  25. I would love to know why Hindus rushed over to nirvana to save the world? Or is that even true? I have so many questions.

    • East High you are on the right track.
      To be asking questions, being confused and not coming to conclusions should deliver answers for you, sooner or later. That is what the mind should do. You mind is doing just that. Conclusions are for people who don’t know but readily accept and run with an answer no matter right or wrong, no matter harmful or beneficial, no matter where they got an answer or what kind of answer it is.
      But here’s a guide for you: track your mind, be aware of every hop, skip and jump from one subject to another. Taming the monkey mind is an interesting objective in life. It is the only real way to gain absolute knowledge. Be a leader not a follower.

  26. Dharma simplified:

    Dharma = part A + part B
    A = respecting, serving, protecting, upholding humanity, nature and justice;
    B = thoughts, guidelines, principles, actions to maintain Dharma->A

    Every human being in his own capacity or ways is supposed to hold on to Dharma->A which is universal, i.e. time and location independent hence eternally applicable.

    Dharma->B (the guidelines) is prescribed in the scriptures called the Vedas (which contains Upanishads as well) – but one need not strictly have to read or follow them to uphold Dharma->A. In fact anyone who is always conscious about Dharma->A knowingly or unknowingly follows the stuff mentioned in the Vedas!

    Many enlightened beings (also called Rishis or Saints) in the past have prescribed and documented ways in various situations for holding the world together without violating any of the core entities mentioned in Dharma->A. That is how a Sampradaya is created who follow these self-realized beings.

    There are various sampradayas (sects) like Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism who have their own part Dharma->B defined for upholding Dharma->A. Their teachings and followers to a large extent have always stood the test of Dharma->A.

    It should be noted that any violaters of Dharma->A (some individual or ideology that disregards humanity, nature or justice – also known as adharmic) should be resisted, opposed or even fought (in the order of saama, daana, bheda, danda) if required to save Dharma.

    Unfortunately some ideologies violate Dharma->A in their part B which obviously makes it adharmic ideology and not a dharmic one. For e.g. the moment the ideology says you will go to heaven based on your belief and not on your deeds (actions or karma) itself makes it adharmic for obvious reasons.

    So in a society or a nation, when people move away from Dharma due to kama (lust, bodily pleasures), adharmic forces take over thereby weakening Dharma. You obviously cannot expect humanity or justice in an adharmic society (e.g. terrorism, corruption, discrimination, rapes and other crimes).

    See, we didn’t even talk about God! So here any human being who lives a fulfilling life fully conscious about Dharma and his duties towards it all the time obviously reaches highest level of wisdom. There’s no belief involved here – what you contribute to mankind via internal transformation is what matters!

  27. Your post is really interesting and appreciative. Purpose of human life is to discover oneself, understand God, know the relationship between both, then subsequently endeavour to purify our mind and heart from all impurities and vices, develop love of God and go back to Spiritual world. And the process starts with the enquiry by human beings about life which is the first aphorism of Vedanta Sutras…. “Athatho Brahma jignasa”..

    • The concept of Christianity is that God made this world, he is a powerful spirit, Almighty, all knowing. God made man in his own image and likeness. Which means He doesnt look to different from us perhaps. He made man out of the earth, and put his breath into us. Ofcourse he did not give us his intelligence, only a part of it and he gave us a soul, mind, intellect in a body.
      But when man disobeyed him and fell into temptation by Satan, God felt sad and he cast away his beloved creation from Paradise where everything from free for, plants, water, springs, a beautful world,

      After he was cast away from paradise, man had to do everything himself, find his own food, etc, gradually sin increased, man killing his own brother, lust, greed, gluttony, man also started worshipping other idols he himself made, idols if brass, animals, etc, there was slavery, sexual sins, deceit, treacherous rulers etc…

      after sometime people wanted to know if there is a true God , then he should reveal himself, so God said he would send them someone from Himself, who would talk like him, who would heal the sick, raise the dead, who would say his own Words, and this man was Jesus. Born out of the spirit of God and conceived in the womb of a Virgin.

      When Jesus died on the cross, blood and water gushed forth from his body as a fountain of mercy for mankind.

      God said, this is my son with whom i am well pleased. All authority in heaven and earth is given to him. Ask anything of him in my Name and it shall be done for you. But you must believe.

      So Jesus ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father.

      He will judge the living and the dead.
      we are all born only to worship one Creator, the creator of the heavens and the earth to whom all things belong.
      The God of the Christians is a merciful God, a loving God and he promised no more floods, famines pestilences which he used to send previously out of anger on his people.

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