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  1. I would say that yes, “normal” people would not want you to keep something that you don’t want. However, I have a very contrary experience every time with my mom. She remembers every single thing she has given. She will ask every time she comes, oh where is _____? You still have _____, that was such a pretty shirt, plate, etc, etc. We live in a smaller town with only one donation center. If myself or my sister sent stuff for donation and she saw it there (her favorite place to shop) she would get upset. Both my sister and I have told her we don’t want stuff, please do not give us anymore things, no “presents”. She will not stop. She even gets upset when I get rid of my own things (not from her) that she liked- clothes, furniture, kitchen products, etc. LDM Plumbing & Mechanical Inc

  2. “Time to hello world” (TTHW) is the time it takes to author a “Hello, World!” program in a given programming language. This is one measure of a programming language’s ease-of-use; since the program is meant as an introduction for people unfamiliar with the language, a more complex “Hello, World!” program may indicate that the programming language is less approachable.[8] The concept has been extended beyond programming languages to APIs, as a measure of how simple it is for a new developer to get a basic example working; a shorter time indicates an easier API for developers to adopt.

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