Background Research

Our team found some information to try and gauge how many amputees currently reside in the USA and tried to begin to understand the daily challenges these people struggle with inside the kitchen.

CRAAP Worksheet: craap_worksheet-2-2if474v

We found about .6% of the US population deals with some sort of amputation. 4% of which are registered as having a complete hand or arm amputation. Also 75% of amputees said they needed more education from their medical professionals on how to deal with their new life ahead.

CRAAP Worksheet: craap_worksheet1-1g2sy9w

We found an article detailing life inside the kitchen for an amputee named Jennifer who has lost both of her hands. She discusses how cooking hardly ever came up in conversations with her doctor, and the limited resources available for someone in her situation. She talks about how relearning tasks like cutting and stirring were difficult but sometimes fun, and how she learned to see other objects for what they really were, like using a pizza cutter as a replacement for a knife.

We looked into some products currently available that could potentially ease the burden on amputees. This slicer allows the user to cut up fruits and vegetables efficiently using only one hand.

This product provides users assistance while pouring gallon jugs or 2 liter bottles. It allows anyone who struggles with pouring to do so with the use of only two fingers.