My team initially has trouble generating new ideas and variations during assignment 6 of our design project. However, our creative juices began flowing during the sorting stage thanks to Professor Abell’s “77 cards.” This assignment would have been much harder if it were not for the cards. Our team worked very smoothly together. We generated 8 different ideas as a group that we were confident in. After that, we designated different ideas for everyone to design based on which team member was more passionate about what. We can all agree that working as a team promoted more ideation than if we were to work on this project individually.

The main reason why it was hard to push past our initial ideas in the beginning and come up with more concepts was because we were very confident with what we had in the Top 5 Idea Presentations. The feedback from the rest of the class was not much help because they only wrote down their favorite idea, but not give ideas on how to make what we had even better. Now, we are currently very proud with the new concept variations that we have. However, there is a lot of variety among the ideas and it will be very hard to pick between which on we want for our final presentation.

The main concern that I would have regarding this assignment as a whole is that the group sizes are too big. It is hard for 5 people to work on a semester long project because everyone has their own schedules that may no coalign with others. This is not a major problem regarding our group, but I can see it being a concern.

A second concern I have is that feedback for our group may have been more effective if it were a graded assignment.