Evan Horton’s Gallery

Problem Statement: Design a Product that helps someone with one arm hold an item and use it. The idea behind the Velco-Grip Kit came from the beach game where you toss a ball and catch it with a velcro device. Using a higher grade velcro would allow people to hold heavier objects longer without their grip wearing out.

Problem Statement: Design an object that allows someone with one arm to open a container with opposing forces. The idea behind the Clip On Bottle opener came from the Swiss Army knife. The bottle opener is clipped onto pants where it is supported by a backing plate preventing it from turning. Bottles can then be inserted where they will catch the lid on metal prongs helping to crack the seal.

Problem Statement: Design a product that allows one to store items in a sealed container than can be opened and closed with one arm. The inspiration behind the revised storage bag is a pencil bag. The hole can be used to help hold the bag but if the bag has holes on each side of the seal you can use your fingers to spread it apart opening the bag while maintaining your hold on it.