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Current Products


Notable Products

One handed bottle opener:

  • This helps all people, regardless if they are missing their right or left limb, to be able to open bottles.
  • The reviews for this product are great on websites such as Amazon. The product even features a magnet to catch the top of the bottle once opened.

One handed pepper grinder:

  • This allows for people with one hand to grind pepper more easily.
  • Traditional pepper grinders are a twisted fashion, forcing the user to place one hand at the top half of the device and the other at the bottom. This product eliminates the need for two hands.
  • Some reviews notice the product is made quite cheaply which causes the handles to break off. However they do note they continue to buy the product again regardless because of its effectiveness.
  • This product is for sale on Amazon and has great reviews for the products design and function.Zipper and button assistance:
  • This product is designed to help those with one hand button and zip their clothing.
  • Buttoning and zipping clothing is something most humans do daily ithout thinking twice about. However, this can be a huge challenge for those that only have one hand. The act of zipping and butting both require two hands to be done as simply as they were designed otherwise they prove to be an grueling task.
  • The product is for sale on Amazon with amazing reviews as it helps the lives of so many day in and day.
  • This device has a hook to pull a zipper. Additionally it has an armstretching out from the opposing end that reaches through a button hole, grabs a button, and pulls it through.