Current Events


For my research on current events, I’ve focused on two articles that reveal new technology that will influence products created for people with physical disabilities. First, Microsoft has patented technology that allows a user to navigate applications with only their mind. The device works by interpreting signals from the brain and can be customized to interpret signals in different ways, thus responding with different operations within an app. This is similar to mapping a controller with custom controls in a video game. Future implications include use for prosthetic limbs, virtual reality, and video games.

The other article I read was about a product that is being prototyped by the GEAR (Game Enhancing Augmented Reality) team. It is a wearable video game controller that goes on a person’s feet, just like a sandal or pair of shoes. Currently, the system allows for 8 different “buttons” all of which are customizable and allows users to play convevideonal vieo games with no disadvantage. The team is excited to help bring back a normal part of many peoples lives to people who have suffered a debilitating injury. They love that in video games, everyone has an equal playing field. This innovation is exciting and will help people with loss of limbs enjoy video games in the future.