Workshop #3 – Data Assimilation Protocol Recommendations 28-31 July 2021


The overall goals of the workshop are to make recommendations for large-scale coral-bleaching studies
so that results can be readily compared among studies. The specific goals are to:

i. Recommend taxonomic, biological, and life-history-trait responses of corals to thermal stress that may improve predictions of coral bleaching.
ii. Recommend appropriate spatial and temporal resolutions of environmental covariates that should be included to facilitate cross-study comparisons of coral bleaching.
iii. Recommend large-scale bleaching studies that include environmental covariates that are not readily accessible and could be developed through interdisciplinary, collaborative studies.

When: 28-31 July 2021

Where: Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio USA

Workshop leader: Robert van Woesik (

Workshop co-leader: Andréa Grottoli, Rebecca Vega Thurber, Robert Toonen, Mark Warner

How to apply? TBA

Questions? Contact the Coral Bleaching RCN Director Andrea Grottoli (