Buck-I-Serv: One Heartland

I have wanted to do a service trip to experience a different type of volunteering. I wanted to see what it would be like to volunteer for a week straight, and how much I can impact something with working on it for more than a couple hours a day like many other volunteer opportunities are. I applied for a Buck-I-Serv trip and got accepted to One Heartland which was located in Minnesota. One Heartland is a camp for youth who have been impacted by HIV/AIDS, and serves as a place for kids to get away and enjoy being a kid for a couple weeks. We stayed at the camp for a week to help complete projects around the grounds to prepare it for the future campers that would stay there the following summer. It was an amazing experience and to hear about the impact you have made and the appreciation from the staff for the changes you were able to make in just a week was heart touching. I look forward to participating in more service trips during my time on campus.

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