Year in Review: Freshman Year

This was a year full of meeting new people on campus through classes, activities and organizations, learning new things such as living on my own for the first time and becoming more responsible and independent, and being challenged academically and learning how to get out of my comfort zone in many different situations. Each day here makes me even more thankful I became a buckeye and I am so happy I chose Ohio State as my college. In my first year, I have gotten to experience my first football games, explored campus and Columbus with my roommates, did activities with my Scholars group including volunteer opportunities, sports games, lab visits, research panels, getting ice cream in downtown Columbus, and so much more!

Seeing how much I enjoyed my time as a Scholar, I decided to apply to be on the board and got elected to be the Service Chair! This position has allowed me to take my fellow scholars to different volunteer opportunities around Columbus. I have already enjoyed being in this position so much, and I am happy to continue serving for another semester! I have become more involved in MEDLIFE, which is an organization I joined my first week as a buckeye. I am hoping to eventually get to go on a service trip with MEDLIFE in the future. I participated in BuckeyeThon this year through being on a team with MEDLIFE. I really enjoyed this dance marathon and can’t wait to continue participating in it in the future!

I consider my first year as a buckeye successful. I have had the time of my life being here, had great roommates that will be lifelong friends, and have made so many wonderful memories. I can’t wait to continue my journey as a buckeye!


Semester in Review: Spring Semester 2019 (Freshman Year)

Looking back on this semester, I can confidently say I am starting to grasp this college life. I have started making more connections with peers and professors, and I have been taking advantage of the things offered on campus to help students adjust and succeed in our classes. At the beginning of this semester, I started becoming more involved in my MEDLIFE club, and got selected to be the Service Chair through my Biological Sciences Scholars group. Also, while continuing my volunteering through the James Cancer Hospital, I started a new role as a Restful Nights volunteer. With this, I have the opportunity to visit patients and offer them complimentary items to help them feel more comfortable during their stay. Additionally as a part of the Biological Sciences Scholars, we previously volunteered at Star House. I really enjoyed my time there, so decided to sign up for orientation and become a direct engagement volunteer. This semester has really allowed me to grow, and I am sad that it is already over! I look forward to starting my Sophomore year as a buckeye in just a few short months.